Chapter 28.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Stomping duel (1)
It’s hard to tell at a glance whether a taming collar has been used on a familiar or if it’s being dominated with a slave collar because many of them look just like accessories such as earrings, but it’s easy in the case of taming. A crest appears on the forehead, so you can tell at a glance. After taming, monsters are quite willing to listen to you. In fact, Coote doesn’t seem to have any intentions of attacking people now… My food tastes better than human flesh, that’s what he said.
I twitched at the boy’s comment, but I didn’t want to elaborate. It’s true that Silver Wolves are more difficult to tame than Salamanders, but Salamanders are stronger. But that’s only between adults, and the Salamander we are dealing with is still a juvenile, and won’t become an adult until a few more years. But, as for my Coote, he may look like a juvenile, but he’s actually capable of owning a territory on top of being an adult. And with his mysterious increase in size, he’s even more capable, so even I couldn’t beat him if I was not carefully planning my actions. Of course, if I didn’t plan any means in advance and ignored the damage to the surroundings, I could use my area of effect magic to wipe him from existence.

“Hmph, you’re just making this up. I’ll show people what I am capable of. A user of your level is no match for me, the Number Four in this grade. You should just stay in the corner and be quiet like a countryman you are.”

“I think it’s better to brag only after you become the Number One. Even being second would be quite impressive, but fourth is kind of plain.”

The surrounding people burst in laughter again after hearing my statement. In fact, if someone else said that you were the Number Four, my reaction would be “Heh~ that’s amazing.” But it gets a bit weird when you say it yourself. If he suddenly named himself the Number One, I might have started getting nervous, but if I’m not even good enough to beat the Number Four student, then I don’t even deserve to dream. If I want to achieve peace in the country, I can’t be beaten by anyone.
Undefeated. That’s what makes other fearful. The reason why my Mother is famous among the leading mages of other countries is because she is undefeated. Because she is undefeated, she is feared. My Mother’s presence on the battlefield is enough to frighten the enemy and cause even the slightest disruption in leadership.
What I’m aiming for is beyond that. I cannot be defeated. I cannot be brought down. When I step forward, the enemy will lose. I want the ability and determination to make them think that. I’m afraid of fighting, but I’m going to get the strength not to run away, so if I become a weakling who runs away here, I will go retire.

“You’re all talk. Hey, Salamander, tear that dog to pieces right now.”

“Kyu?… Kyuru…”

A ordered the Salamander to take down Coote, but the Salamander looked at his master with a face that clearly said, “Not possible!!”
The Salamander’s instincts understood the desperate power gap between itself and Coote.
It can’t win against Coote no matter what, and the fact that his stomach has been growling so loudly since a while ago probably added to its fear.
Coote will fight other monsters to the death, but… please don’t eat it before me.

“It looks incredibly weak. Coote… won’t have a problem.”

It got the courage to peer into Coote’s face, but since Coote already had “Dinner?” for his expression, it quickly averted its gaze. This is too much. To Coote, this was not a battle, but predation. Also, it seemed that when Alicia left him at the inn, she didn’t give him any food, and now he’s starving. Scarily much!
I wonder if A was aware of the obvious difference in strength? I don’t understand why he was picking a fight with me in the first place, but this is the imperial way of thinking, so it can’t be helped. They have the audacity to declare that the Imperials are the most superior race, which I, as a person from another country, cannot understand. There was a dictator in my previous world who had the same idea, and I know what happened to him, so I don’t think it’s a good way of thinking.




Coote was tired of waiting and threatened(?) the Salamander, who became frightened. But the slave collar around Salamander’s neck started glowing, so it couldn’t escape and had no choice but to fight with Coote. Poor Salamander, you won’t get the chance to grow up because you weren’t able to choose your owner. I also don’t feel guilty when I’m dealing with monsters, unless they are killed in a very tasteless way. I mean, they are basically the enemies of the mankind.

“What are you doing!! Kill it quickly!! Why do you think I paid so much money for you!!”

A was kicking the Salamander, which was not moving as expected. Deciding that the fight with Coote wouldn’t last too long, I pointed my wand at A. If I don’t hurry, I have a feeling that Alicia will eat through my magic. Let’s just get this over with and educate Alicia. I’m going to make her apologize for all her rudeness towards me, and then deceive her that she won’t report this matter to my Mother. This is the perfect crime… and I’m an evil woman.

“Are we still waiting? That child clearly doesn’t want to fight.”

I’m done pretending to be a lady… I have been out of it for a while now, but I’m not a fan of the “young lady” mode. Besides, I have to discipline him quickly, you know? He’s been talking so much nonsense, and I haven’t forgiven him yet. I need to make him kneel before Alicia and bow his head, too. Until then, I will not stop.


A pointed his sword at me and charged straight at me. It was too slow and childish of a charge for me, who was used to seeing the training of our country’s knights. But, even this is not possible for me to avoid. I mean, there was no need to in the first place.


The sword definitely cut through me. But not only was I not injured, it couldn’t even leave a scratch on my clothes. My “Protect” was stable as always.
That was just too lukewarm. Is this the level of students here? No, my Elder brother looked much sharper when I saw him practice before.
So is this all he has then? No, he must still have a trump card. I don’t want to kill him, but to break his heart, it would be better to let him play his trump card and still beat him handily. And there’s plenty of magic I haven’t tried yet, so I will try it without killing him.
The punishment for him has only just begun.

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