Chapter 22.2

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Audience with His Majesty the King.
“I’m not accustomed to social life.”

“The word has reached even our country. The Saintess of Arland is not very good at socializing and is very commoner-like.”

I don’t know if I can be considered commoner-like, but there’s something disturbing about what you said…

“Saintess? I have never heard of a person like that.”

“That’s you, though…”

Eh? I’m a Saintess?… Hmm.

“Excuse me for a bit, please.”

When I said that, I got up and went over to Alicia, who standing near the wall.

“What is this about?”

“W… who knows? I have no idea what that was about.”

Alicia turned away with sweat pouring down her forehead, she knows what this is about, doesn’t she?

“Sit down.”


“Sit down!!”

I pulled on Alicia’s cheek as hard as I could when she sat down.

“Yu wil tear it oof, Yung wady.”


I gave her a smile as I pulled her cheeks. Girls are actresses.

“If you don’t talk, I’ll have no choice but to dismiss you from the position of my personal maid, though.”

When I super smiled at her from blank range, Alicia confessed with tears in her eyes.

“I will talk!! I will talk, so please just not that…”

According to Alicia, the Empire, well, the Church was trying to make me a Saintess… but well, Father declined. But because I often heal people with my recovery magic, they naturally started calling me that.

“Especially your contributions during the Stampede. You risked your life to protect your allies and almost died fighting monsters, but survived, and immediately treated the injured. It’s no wonder people would consider you a Saintess.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I’m sure the Church is going to make a fuss about it, and can they even treat me as Saintess without permission?”

I thought Saints were supposed to be recognized by the Imperial State, so I’m afraid it’ll be a bad idea if we let people call me that on their own.

“You would become shut-in again if I told you, no? We would be troubled if you barricaded yourself in your room for the second time, so we wanted to conceal it until the situation calmed down. Either way, regardless of what the Empire or the Church say, it is irrelevant to our country.”

“Has the situation calmed down?”

If things calmed down, then sure. They say man-made rumors lasts for 75 days, so I guess it’s died down.


“No, for some reason, it’s been well-received by the public, and it’s taken root♪”

Tehe, Alicia poked herself in the forehead. Why is she so annoying.

“I will never forget this, and those who neglected it will be dealt with accordingly.”

I took out a switch with an antenna from my pocket and pressed it without hesitation. I’m sure this will be able to give the Prime Minister and his team a run for their money. You better have nightmares for a while.

“What is that?”

“At least now the Prime Minister will regret having offending me. Some sacrifice is inevitable at this point.”

Alicia was trembling with tears in her eyes. She probably doesn’t know it yet. That by now the castle was certain to be surrounded by despair.

“I apologize for the ruckus.”

“Hoho, don’t mind me, but you are more lively than you look.”

I’ve heard the maids talk about how much I resemble Father on the inside a few times.

“Anyway. Let me introduce again. My name is Rudius Fir Nektal, the 17th King of Ostland. Best regards then.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

I know his name because I heard it in the audience room, but why did he call for me? I don’t think I have anything to do with my father’s acquaintance.

“Actually, your father King Draconia is the benefactor of me and my father… the previous King.”

“Is that so? Father was an adventurer for a long time before he became the King of our country, so I didn’t think there was any connection.”

Normally, an adventurer and the King and Crown Prince would not have anything to do with each other. They live in different physical areas.

“That’s right. But my Father and I are of the so-called coexistence faction. Your country is a good example of a country that believes that living together is the best way to develop a nation, rather than discriminating against other races. For more than 500 years, you have been preventing the Empire and the Imperial State from advancing, but the population hasn’t decreased that much. In fact, the more discriminatory the Empire and the Imperial State is, the more other races are gathering in Arland.”

“Isn’t that dangerous for you, though? Our country has been a nation of many races from the beginning, but that can’t be said for this country, right?”

I’m sure there’s opposition trying to get in the way. The other races are more valuable as slaves because they have different specializations from humans… no, common people. In other words, there is an interest there, and their freedom is a hindrance to it.

“Indeed, I’ll spare you the details, but we were almost assassinated. My little brother at that time was of the discrimination faction, and I believe he wanted to change the top leadership. King Draconia, who was an adventurer at the time, happened to pass by and saved us.”

“I never heard of this. My father doesn’t talk much about his past, saying it was bad for my education.”

“Naturally, being an adventurer is not all rainbows. SS-ranked adventurers like King Draconia must have seen many painful things.”

Well, he said that a lot had happened while looking sorrowful.

“Well, that’s how we have come to be on friendly terms. But there are those who don’t appreciate it. And that’s why I have invited you here, to ask you of a favor.”

His Majesty the King said this and bowed towards me. It’s not good for the King to bow so lightly, but I guess it’s that of an important request.

“I beg of you!! Could you please save my granddaughter?”


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