Chapter 25.1

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My first request was farce. (2)
You call me rude, but all you do is call me a filthy adventurer, so you would all be disgraced if I revealed my true identity to you, but time is of the essence right now. The disease is progressing faster than I expected, so when I looked at His Majesty, he nodded and led the others out of the room. There were only three people in the room left: one knight, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, and His Majesty the King.
The other knights were outside the room, watching to make sure no one entered.

“Is this fine?”

“Yes, I can get serious now.”

I took off my mask and cancelled the disguise as well. Other kinds of magic would be a hindrance when I use magic seriously… and also, the mask is cool and all, but it’s kind of in the way.

“Heal, Purification, Healing Light synthesization… Goddess’ Healing.”

White feathers fluttered around the King’s granddaughter and melted like snow… At the same time, the Princess’ complexion was getting better and better. But I felt like something was blocking my way. It was a pretty bad disease, so I multiplied the magical power even more to increase the effect of the Goddess’ Healing, and by the time the spell was over, I was left with only about 10% of the magical power.

“Haah… hahh…… it’s done… she will probably be…”

I felt dizzy because my magical power has decreased so drastically. I grabbed the mask and used the very last amount of magical power I had to cast the disguise back on myself and collapsed to my knees. This is bad, I’m on the verge of running out of magical power, and if I don’t pay attention, I’m going to lose consciousness. I clung to my wand to keep myself standing.

“Miss… don’t be so reckless… couldn’t you cure her over a period of time?”

“She seemed to have a caught a horrible disease… I had to… cure it… at once…”

Oh no, I feel lightheaded. I can’t stand up any longer.

“Please rest for a while. Leave the little matters to me.”

“I can’t move… but… I am awake… somehow…”

I asked for the King’s permission and sat down on a chair. When I sat down, Alicia touched my forehead to measure my fever and offered me some water. It was cold and refreshing. If I were to be extravagant, I would want some of Alicia’s cookies, but I don’t think she always has them on hand.

“H… huh? I, just what…”

While I was receiving thanks from His Majesty the King and the Crown Prince, the Princess seemed to have woken up. Her illness has apparently progressed until she lost consciousness for a few days, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her from what I can see. I’m glad it’s over, but I’m groggy… This kind of powerful magic is very hard on the body.

“Marianne!! Are you in pain?”


“Erm, Grandfather!! Please forgive my unsightly appearances…”

His Majesty and the Crown Prince moved hurriedly in tandem towards the Princess, who was trying to fix her hair in panic… is this a comedy sketch?

“Umm, not really, no. Rather, my body feels very light, just what has happened to me?”

“Hollow, the one sitting over there, has healed you!! She cannot currently move because of the backlash of the spell, but make sure to thank them, Marianne. She is your lifesaver.”

The Princess looked at me with a startled expression. She is a child by all accounts, and would normally be surprised to be told that her life was saved just now. I just nodded at her, which was rude of me, but I couldn’t move, so please overlook it.

“I apologize for my delayed show of gratitude. I will remember this favor for the rest of my life.”

The Princess bowed deeply. I waved my hand in the air. Since she seemed to have regained her composure, she was leaving to another room, so she could prepare herself to show everyone her recovery. She left the room with a few maids by her side.

“Hollow, I’m sorry for doubting you. But we will never forget this. If there is anything you wish, we will do our best to fulfill it.”

“No, I only accepted your request, so being paid as stated is enough for me.”

The Crown Prince bowed his head as he kneeled in front of me, but this is really too much. The Crown Prince is the next king, and kneeling before me, an ostensibly commoner, would undermine his dignity and authority. And I don’t need a separate reward, because with 150 gold coins as a reward, I can live and play for the rest of my life… although I would personally use it to pay for my research.
That’s why I don’t need any other rewards. I’m sure the Crown Prince doesn’t know about the secret pact between the King and me, so he might try to make me a nobleman or adopt me into some noble family.

“However, that doesn’t sit well with me…”

The Crown Prince didn’t seem to be convinced. I know 150 gold coins isn’t a lot of money for royalty, but 150 gold coins is actually a lot of money.

“Aldius, leave it at that. Hollow, please receive your payment at the Guild. I will also never forget my gratitude to you. If you need help with the Church or anything else, you can turn to the nearby Knights Order. I will see to it that you are helped no matter what.”

“Pardo…n me.”

After hearing that, I lost my consciousness.

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