Chapter 24.2

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My first request was farce. (1)
“Are you accepting this request? The Church does not currently allow people to accept such requests. If you can use healing magic, you would have been notified. Put the paper back.”

“? Cia, where does a notice like that come from? This is an official request since it’s posted at the Adventurer’s Guild, right?”

“Indeed, let’s just take it to the counter.”

I was about to leave when the overweight priest approached me.

“I’m sure the church has informed you that the granddaughter Princess in that request is being punished for the King’s lack of faith and not to do anything without permission, no?”

“We don’t have anything to do with the church, so we don’t care about that. Get out of the way.”

When Alicia and I tried to pass by, the overweight priest also moved to slide to the side to get in our way. His appearances are bad for my eyes, so I think I’ll eliminate him. I think that being overweight as a sin next to breasts, and I wish they’d both disappear.

“I didn’t know there were still users of healing magic that moved on their own. Anyone who can use healing magic must be properly educated in the church. Follow me.”

And with that, the overweight priest walked away… No, there’s no way I’m following you. I’ll just take the request and walk away while I can.

“We will take this.”

The lady standing at the counter is the same lady from yesterday. It’s been half a day.

“Eh? You’re taking this? The reward is good, but you’ll get the church’s attention.”

“We’re from Arland, so we don’t really care about the Church.”

The receptionist, who had been restlessly moving about, quickly understood the situation and let out, “Oh”. It seems that the bad relationship between Arland and the Church is common knowledge in other countries.

“The procedure is complete. We wish you the best of luck.”

If we could just get out of here and blend in with the crowd, the overweight priest wouldn’t be able to find us. I don’t know where he is, though (mainly because of my height).



We have been walking from the Guild for about 30 minutes. I was getting tired, but I couldn’t help but notice the overweight priest from earlier looking around. Fortunately, he seemed to have lost sight of us, so we sneaked towards the castle.

“That overweight priest is too annoying.”

“Do you want me to roll him up and throw him into the river?”

“I don’t want to go that far.”

Alicia seemed to be annoyed of him, too. Well, the castle was right in front of us, so if we can get past the castle gate, we win…. I don’t really care if he finds us as Alicia will force us through if necessary, but I don’t like that man, and my gut was telling me that the overweight priest was a scoundrel.
But we have arrived at the castle gate, and so we won! First, we have to show the request form to the gatekeeper.

“I’m Hollow, an adventurer, and I’m here to complete a request we have received.”

“Eh? You have accepted the request?”

“Yes. I can use healing magic, so I accepted this request. There’s a priest coming after us, so please let me in quickly. That guy is too annoying.”

First of all, since the overweight priest was walking towards us with a red face, I asked the gatekeeper to let us in. When I said we “passed through the gate,” it was actually just the resting place for the gatekeepers, so the gatekeeper from earlier had to run into the castle first. The overweight priest was making some kind of noises at the entrance, but the other gatekeepers stopped him and wouldn’t let him in.
And after an hour of waiting… can I go home?

“Sorry to keep you waiting. His Majesty the King will see you personally. I apologize for the inconvenience…. Also, thank you for accepting this request.”

The gatekeeper looked like he was about to cry. His Majesty the King is adored by his subordinates, isn’t he? I think the country would be better off with someone like that at the top.


“I’ll do everything I can to help.”

“I hope you succeed.”

Then, the audience hall again… Isn’t the atmosphere different from yesterday? The mood was very heavy. I knelt for now, though I didn’t take off my mask.

“Are you Hollow the Adventurer? Raise your head.”

“I’m sorry, but I am not allowed to reveal my face, so please forgive me if I keep my mask on.”

When I told him I would not remove my mask, the others began to clamor.

“Impudent!! Do you really think you can have an audience with His Majesty while wearing a mask, you filthy adventurer!”

“Know your place!”

The surrounding nobles made a fuss, but the knights and soldiers never approach me. They did not say anything until I mentioned it myself.

“Quiet! I have no qualms regarding what this person is wearing. I’m glad you have accepted the request to save my granddaughter, regardless of the Church’s pressure. If you have any herbs that you need, we will get them for you right away.”

“No need, I don’t use herbs.”

I haven’t studied herbology, so I don’t know how to utilize them. The worst case scenario that can happen is that I will have to use ”Goddess’ Healing” to heal her, so I have no need for herbs.

“I see, follow me then.”

I stood up and followed behind His Majesty. Of course, there was a knight between me and the King. Although they did not say anything, the knights can’t blindly trust me, right? It took us 10 minutes of walking again. Finally, we came to the room in question.

“Aldius, this is the Hollow, master of healing magic, how is Marianne?”

“Father… my daughter does not have much left in this world. Why… why my daughter?”

The man inside had the same brown hair and brown eyes as the King. He must have used to be a pretty good-looking guy, but now he seemed a bit worn-out and his hair was shaggy. This person was probably the Crown Prince. And the sleeping blond-haired drills girl lying unconscious on the bed was the granddaughter. No, I guess I shouldn’t think too much about it.

“Calm down, this person will be able to save Marianne.”

“… This shady fellow? I don’t believe they would be able to save my daughter.”

“She is the best healer I have ever seen, and no priest could ever hope to match her.”

Umm… The Priest (different one from before) behind me had a blue vein throbbing on their forehead when you said that, though. When we passed each other earlier, he told me to mind my own business.

“I’ll get on with it since her condition is not looking too good. Heal.”

A pale green light lit up in my hand, and I turned my hand towards the Princess.


However, when the magic ended, only then her complexion turned somewhat for the better. It seems that it can’t be cured with a simple Heal, after all. It would be easier if she was cured after using Heal, but if Heal was working, she would be lively by now. I have no choice but to use this.

“It seems that this is not a disease that can be cured with Heal. I will treat it with my secret art, but outsiders should leave. In particular, the Priest there is a hindrance and a distraction, so please make sure to get rid of him.”

At my comment, the surrounding people started shouting again. Even though we are in front of the sick…

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