Chapter 24.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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My first request was farce. (1)
(Edit: Aletheia → Alicia)
“Excuse me, I’d like to register as an adventurer.”

I’m currently at the Adventurer’s Guild. The time is about five o’clock, and the night bell will ring in about an hour.

“Eh? …Ye, yes, please fill out this form.”

The receptionist was a woman of about 18 years old. I can relate to the size of her breasts. She had blonde hair that reached her shoulders, and she looked like the kind older sister in the neighborhood.
She was staring at me, who was dressed in a skirt and shirt under a black hood. I was also wearing a fox mask, which would also make me look quite suspicious, though.

“That’s a kid? Isn’t it? Aren’t they too young to be an adventurer?”

Hearing those words, I took out my wand and produced a small Fire spell, which I quickly extinguished.

“Good enough for you?”

“My, oh my, so you were a magician. I apologize!!”

There are only a few magicians in the world, so it is rare for them to become adventurers, and the Guild wants them. The reason for this is that the rate of accomplishment of requests… especially the monster subjugation, is much higher with a magician around. And if you can learn beginner magic “Clean”, you’ll be in high demand, and parties with women will definitely want you. I guess they want to act like girls, even if they are adventurers.
For now, all I need to fill out is my age, name, country of origin, and occupation (self-proclaimed). I guess you could say that joining the Adventurer’s Guild is easy, as they don’t pry too deeply. Once I have filled out the form, they needed to check my criminal history.
I was told to place my hand on a crystal that would identify if I have ever committed a crime, though it’s only for felonies like murder. I don’t know the principle, and I’m not particularly interested either.

“Here is your Guild Card then. Would you like me to explain about the card?”

“Yes, please.”

“First of all, this card is a kind of magic tool that can record the monsters you have defeated. Also, if you commit a crime, such as murder, the card will turn black. If it was done in self-defense, it can be reinstated here at the Guild, but if you leave it as it is, you will become a criminal, so please be careful. Also, if you lose your card, it will cost two gold coins to reissue it, so don’t lose it.”


“Since you are a magician, you will be starting at rank D, not F. For ranks F through D, you can only accept requests that are listed on the bulletin board on the first floor. Basically, you can’t accept requests that are higher than your rank, and there are requests that incur penalties if you fail, so please make sure to check before accepting one.
Your rank is determined by the number of requests you’ve completed, and the classification is kept secret, but you’ll get more reputation points for subjugation requests. There’s also an examination to move up to C-rank. The ranks below will naturally rise as they accumulate achievements, but ermm, Master Hollow? you are already D-rank, so if you can pass the exam, you will be promoted directly to C-rank.”

“Tell me about the emergency requests.”

“So you are aware of them. Emergency requests are requests that no one registered with the Guild has the right to refuse. If a town is attacked by monsters, as stated in the Terms of Service, you are not allowed to refuse. The only exception to this is if you are A-rank or higher, or if you can prove that you cannot participate for some reason.”

So it’s just like the template. The rules are as I expected, so I have no specific questions. I’m a little curious as to how they keep track of criminal activity, though.

“Thank you very much. It’s too late today, so I will start my activities tomorrow.”

“Yes, I wish you all the best.”

After saying my farewells to her, I left the Guild as soon as possible.

“Oh… Master Hollow? Is something the matter?”

“Have you not noticed? They were staring at me quite a lot. It was unexpectedly embarrassing.”

“Oh, I did notice, but once you get used to it, it’s not so bad… no, it won’t bother you anymore.”


Alicia was about to say something, she misspeaks quite often, doesn’t she…

“By the way, aren’t you a former adventurer, Cia? Why have you registered again?”

“Because I returned my Guild Card before, and it would be more comfortable for me to start over with a new registration together with you, Master Hollow, than to re-register.”

“Well, this is where my legend begins. Let’s raise in ranks quickly and hunt dragons.”

“!! Why are dragons the target from the very beginning? It’s basically an unreachable goal.”

“Father hunts them, so there’s no way I won’t be able to hunt them too. I will surpass my Father and become a Great Mage.”

When Alicia heard my words, she fell stumbled.

“Why… why and where did I go wrong? God, aren’t you putting us through too many trials?”

I decided to leave her for now, and we arrived at the inn before long.




“The requests are over there, right? Is the priest beside you a request advisor?”

“No, he’s probably there to interfere with a certain request. You can ignore him if you want.”

When I came to the Guild in the morning, there were a lot of people there. I only have knowledge of adventurers from my previous life, but I noticed that adventurers have a lot of weapons.
I’ve read in the guidebook that it’s normal for adventurers to have several weapons and armor as spares because they can break, unlike in games.
Alicia and I weaved our way through the crowd to the request board, where a red request form was posted in the center of the board.

Emergency Request
(Medical treatment for the King’s granddaughter needed)
(Reward: 150 gold coins)
(Requirements: Expert in healing magic or other medical arts)

“That’s an extraordinary request, but no one’s taking it.”

“Well, it’s not every day you find someone with healing magic.”

I was going to accept this request and remove the paper… but I couldn’t reach it.

“Cia, take it.”

“Yes, yes.”

I asked Alicia to take off the paper. If I don’t take this to the counter and process the order, it will be a violation of the agreement. And as Alicia removed the paper, the priest beside her approached. He was an overweight man, and no matter how you look at him, he looked like a villain, rather than a priest.

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