Chapter 26.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Princess enters the academy.
I don’t think I’ll have any problems with either of those things, math is just a joke compared to the other world, and I can write, though not very well. I love reading history books too, so it shouldn’t be a problem. As for magic… well, I can control it if I can reduce its power, so it should pose no problem.
Then I’ll be fine! I went to the test room with great enthusiasm, but… I was sleepy. The time for twisting my head over addition ended in my previous life, so if it’s just a basic arithmetic problem like this, I will be done in a few minutes, and return to the dreamland again very soon… Even if Alicia gets angry, the results will be the same as with writing and history… I’m getting tired of this.

“Isn’t this too easy for an exam?”

I couldn’t understand the significance of holding an exam to begin with, so I asked Alicia.

“There is no way other people can just come up with the answer without hesitation like you, Young lady. Please don’t use your own brain as standard for others.”

She said something I couldn’t agree with, but according to what she said, people of this world usually don’t understand what I find common sense. It’s true that in my previous life, I also struggled when I was in elementary school… or was I? I don’t have any memories of it, so I can’t really say, but I could do the four fundamental arithmetic operations from the time I came to this world.

“Those who can use magic can head straight toward the practical skill exam. Those who cannot, please line up here, so we can measure your aptitude.”


I’m over there, huh. Basically, there’s no attribute I can’t use (though I have not learned them all yet), so there’s no point in an aptitude test. Let’s quickly go to the practical skill test.

“Speaking of which, what happened to that creepy wand of yours, Young lady?”

“I sealed it up. I don’t use it except for ‘that’ activity. So I made this one.”

That dragon staff was frankly too conspicuous, so I made another wand using Dragon’s Tear. It’s a simple thing that looks like a 50cm stick with a Dragon’s Tear on the end. The magic enclosed within is called projection, it is a magic that reflects images.

“You say simple, but it has no decorations whatsoever, it looks like just a plain staff…”

“Decorations get in the way.”

The dragon wand is also surprisingly hindered by the dragon part. The dragon part moved for some reason, and now it has the magic sphere in its mouth. I’ve sealed it up tightly because it was so annoying. Now for the practical skill test. It seems that the test is to hit the target with an attribute that you are able to use. They said it’d be great if we could break it, but it’s apparently pretty tough, so it’s difficult even for advanced students. Then let’s smash it.

“Multiple activation, Ice lance, Flame Lance, Earth Lance, Earth Lance, Water Lance… penetrate the target!!”

The five lances collided with different targets. First of all, they all hit.
The Ice and Earth Lances stuck into the target but didn’t break, while the others couldn’t stick before breaking apart. This time, I used a projection spell to activate multiple spells of one attribute and combined them into one to create a 3 meter long Ice Spear. I pointed my wand at a new target and launched the Ice Spear. The Ice Spear ignored the strength of the target and smashed it to pieces.




N? Why is it so quiet around here? They are looking at me. I must have done something wrong.

“Why did you break it?”

Alicia asked the obvious question.

“I mean, destroying the target is good, no?”


“You are not wrong, but… you just had to hit it. You would be able to pass without any problems with your first spell, Young lady.”

Eh? Isn’t that too easy? Wasn’t that fellow saying how tough the target is and do our best to try to break it? Are you saying that I wasted my precious magical power… no, I surprisingly had fun doing it, so I can’t say it was a waste.

“Missy, did you break this?”

“I did.”

A teacher suddenly approached me and asked me a question. Were you not watching? I was the one who destroyed it, alright?

“Hmm. So you aren’t aware. Try destroying that target with another spell of yours.”

Since I got permission, I’m going to use all my strength.

“The flames of purgatory. The symbol of destruction and the flame of the beginning, lend me your strength. Sphere of Flaming Prison.”

A black flame appeared on my palm and I shot it at the target. It’s a much more powerful spell than the spear I used earlier. Sphere of Flaming Prison is an intermediate-level magic, a super high temperature fire that is said to burn as hot as the fire in hell, a hell fire. The fireball hit the target and flew somewhere far away. The target it hit was completely melted to nothingness.

“… You have even mastered the Sphere of Flaming Prison, huh. You are a genius.”

“Alicia, did I do something wrong?”

Alicia was crouching with her head in her hands. Hey! Please stop ignoring me. After shaking her shoulders for a few good seconds, her sanity returned.

“Umm… Young lady? Where did you learn that spell,”

Eh? Ah, if it’s the Sphere of Flaming Prison…

“It was explained in Mother’s grimoire.”

Alicia opened her eyes wide and grabbed me by the shoulders and shook with my body.

“Why… why do you even remember such a dangerous spell!? If it hits someone, they’ll be instantly vaporized, you know!! Didn’t it just fly off somewhere!!”

“What are you saying? It flew up straight into the skies, so it won’t hit anyone. It will just disappear into thin air.”

I deliberately deflected the trajectory of the fireball into the sky, or it would shatter the barrier around this place. So it won’t hit anyone. Besides, the Sphere of Flaming Prison will extinguish itself after some time, so it won’t explode. It will say it’s farewells in the sky.

“We’ve got some great talent this year.”

The teacher behind us was breaking out in a cold sweat.

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