Although I Was Summoned as a Scapegoat, I’m Happy

Short Stories Sequel

“Saint-sama! Please save us!”

Ha? What are these fellows saying?

I absentmindedly looked around.
Several people wearing long robes with red hoods in a large, white, stone room.
Several robust men dressed as knights.
With several hunks among them, this room had quite a line-up.
Looking at the ground, there was a big magic circle that was shining in silver color.

Ah, is this the so-called different world summoning?

I instantly understood. The moment I understood, I cursed the woman who matched my gaze with such eyes.

It wasn’t me who was actually supposed to be summoned.
A beautiful shitty bitch from my class, the real thing.

After school, that shitty bitch has been suddenly wrapped in a magic circle, she grabbed me who was before her by the arm and pushed me into the magic circle.
And then, she escaped while laughing at me who became the decoy.
Thanks to that, I was summoned. I seriously want to murder that shitty bitch.

“Saint-sama. Somehow, please save us, save this world.”

The several hunks before me stared at me with beautiful smiles.
I have a slender, firm body but I have no charm.
Their beautiful, sparkling faces are delicate and symmetrically arranged. But I have no interest.

They are most likely the men who were chosen to control and manipulate the Saint.
If it were not me but that shitty bitch who got summoned, they would probably fall in love at first sight and a reverse harem situation would develop. Even though she’s like that, she is pretty much a beauty.

But the one who got summoned is an ordinary, find her anywhere me. Such development is impossible.
Their scorning gazes are indicating such.

“What is this about?”

For now, resisting would be futile. I will suitably follow for now and escape when the chance appears.
After that, I was brought to the place where the King and the big shots were and I got explained the situation.

For the past several years, the monsters increased in activity and overrun this country.
That it’s the work of the Demon King or something. I don’t know whether that’s the truth or not though.
There’s no doubt that the people living in this country believe so.
Let’s investigate more properly later, I didn’t think such as it’s unrelated to me.


I intended to escape when the chance appears but before I noticed, I was thrown into the Demon King subjugation unit.
As the Saint, I apparently have the power to purify the land ravished by the evil, monsters, and demons.
It’s the holy power they said. Simpletons.

I became the strongest after several months of intensive training.
My strengthened body became tough and nimble and with my vast magical power, I could cast magic of the highest grade. I can use the magic of the mythical grade.
I already have no enemies anymore? I can live by myself like this, right?

The members of the subjugation unit were two knights and two magicians, all of them were hunks.
The hunks somehow tried to ensnare me at the beginning but they snapped at me who totally had no interest. They were seriously annoying so it can’t be helped.
They became obedient dogs after I threatened them.
They are not to my taste, that’s why it was impossible to ensnare me from the start.

I left to subjugate the Demon King with such obedient dogs.
On the way, I purified the lands ravished by the evil and cleaned up the monsters and demons. We have smoothly arrived at the Demon King’s castle.

“”Saint-sama, we have arrived at the Demon King’s castle. Let’s promptly enter inside.”

I have ignored the words of the hunk knights who pointed at the entrance of the Demon King’s castle and flew up in the sky by myself.
My target was the topmost room of the Demon King’s castle.
There’s no need to advance through the entrance.

“I’m going, you guys can go on your own.”

From the entrance.
I danced high in the sky while ignoring the voices trying to detain me.

When I entered the topmost floor through a window, there was a gorgeous room. And a lone man was standing before a gaudy throne.

Taking a look at the man, I have received a shock and my body stiffened.

Tall, wide shoulders, thick chest, firm waist, and long, thick legs.
That man was staring at me with his finely chiseled, manly face.

I was overwhelmed by his strong presence.
I couldn’t part with his jet black hair and shining red eyes.

It appears I have fallen in love at first sight. With the Demon King.

“You have come at last.”

I was paralyzed by his charming, low voice.
Without being able to say anything, I just earnestly stared at the Demon King.

The Demon King slowly drew near.
While looking up at the Demon King who stood before me, he brought his face near me.
He opened his slightly largish, fascinating lips.

“I don’t care whether you are Saint or not. I will love you eternally so become my Queen.”

Matching his passionate red eyes with mine, he said the words I desired the most with his seductive low-bass voice.
I don’t think there would be a woman who wouldn’t fall for this though.

I slowly, instinctively nodded.
The Demon King smiled with his manly face like a child.
Seeing that smile, my heart throbbed.
I understood that my cheeks were dyed red.

I have completely fallen for that man.
To the dark and deep bottom where light can’t be seen.

“I have been watching you all this time. I wanted you as soon as possible.”

The Demon King said such and embraced me.
It appears that the Demon King has been watching me all this time. With clairvoyance all the time since I was summoned.

I was ensnared by the Demon King. So what?
Because I wanted this, I won’t hear anyone’s complaints.
World peace? Is it related to me?
That’s the story for the humans of this world.
My place is in the arms of my beloved Demon King.


After that, I have become the Demon King’s only Queen.
Signing an eternal contract, it seems that I can live only for as long as the Demon King lives.


I enjoyed my life being doted on and cherished by the Demon King.


To think such a life would be waiting for me.
I’m glad I got summoned instead that shitty bitch, I thought so from the bottom of my heart.


My beloved and strongest husband.
From now and always.
Let’s live together in eternal happiness.

Short Stories Sequel

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