Yopparai wo Hirotta Kanojo wa Ibukuro wo Tsukande Shimatta

Prequel Short Stories

I, Ethel Grantie had picked up a coworker in front of my home the other day.
Although he had collapsed, it wasn’t because he was losing his life or was sick. He was just drunk.

He wasn’t someone I knew to the degree to be concerned about him, but that drunkard has collapsed right at the entrance of my home. I couldn’t leave him there as expected, so I reluctantly put him on my bed.
Despite all of that, what a rude fellow this Astro Orbit is.
Because he heard rumors at our workplace, he treated me with no manners like an evil woman. I was flustered by his idiotic face that had the same occupation of Knight as me.

Well, he seemed to be moved by the deliciousness of my food and it felt quite nice when he emptied the plates clean. I thought he was a bastard with no gratitude for my nursing. That he won’t even greet me from now on.
I thought so.
And yet.

“Why are you collapsed in front of my house?”

Haa, it was inevitable for me to sigh.
The same person has collapsed in the same place a few days ago. He was crushed by alcohol again.
I had thoughts of suspicion, but he completely lost his consciousness. I seriously thought for a moment that someone had carried him here.

I hope this isn’t a kind of new harassment.

Good grief, heaving breath, I lifted Astro up.
My sighs don’t stop. My happiness is gradually escaping.

I let Astro roll on top of my bed and prepared lemon water on the bedside again.
I decided to roll into a ball on the sofa in the living room just like the previous time. It’s helpful that I can sleep relatively anywhere due to the nature of my Knight job.
It’s not often that I can sleep on a nice bed while on missions.

I had a lot of office work today so I’m tired.
Accompanying my boss is particularly troublesome. The hardships I must endure by accompanying my boss. That because that boss of mine isn’t normal, he’s an insane person.
I have a day off tomorrow, let’s take it slowly.
It would be best if I didn’t pick up Astro though.

When I opened my eyes, Astro’s face was before me.

………… What. So close.
If you have woken up early, you should have quickly gone out.

“Grantie, it seems I was in your care again, sorry about that.”

Doesn’t he look relaxed today?
I observe the man in front of my while half-asleep.
Astro’s face is not bad. Rather than having a pretty face, he has manly features.
…… It must be my imagination that the distance is strangely close.

I’m strong in the morning. I’m quick at waking up.
However, as I thought, the time while wrapped in futon is supreme bliss. My real intentions are to stay like this for a little longer.
If there wasn’t this man in front of me, I would be getting up comfortably.

“…… Won’t you stop running out of energy in front of my house?”

Anyhow, this is the first thing I should ask.
My place is in the opposite direction of the boarding house from the bar the Knights gather to drink. Seriously, why does he comes all the way here?
This house is the only place I can calm down, so I don’t want to see other people in here that much.

“I have no memory as well. I was here before I noticed.”
“Haah. Well fine. If you have noticed, quickly get out. From the looks of it, you don’t have that much of a hangover.”

It doesn’t seem he needs a meal for a hangover.
Now then, what should I eat for breakfast today?
While thinking about the ingredients for today’s menu, Astro suddenly let out “Ugh” and crouched.
What is this, this unnatural acting. Are you making light of me? That’s too sloppy. Children from anywhere are more skilled than you.

Astro looked up at me who was staring at him.
If I had to say, a stern-looking man doing something like that isn’t cute at all. It’s unnatural.

“I’m extremely hungover. This is no good. I desire breakfast that could cure my hangover.”

This man, is he ridiculing me?
He collapses in front of another person’s house, gets taken care of and now he even demands a meal?

I sighed and got off the sofa.
My joints scream with the sudden stretch.
It’s too soft after all.
Sleeping on the bed is the best. Sleeping on the sofa takes its toll.

“Sit down.”

It’s not necessary to consider the hangover. Let’s eat something I like.

Astro sat down at the table.
Perhaps picking him up the first time was a mistake. I should have ignored him.
He’s a knight who is experienced in camping and sleeping outdoors during the missions. It wouldn’t be a problem if I left him stay outside for one night.
It’s too late talking about that though.

I take out the bouillon I cooked during the day before yesterday’s night and put in vegetable I cut into chunks. A few sausages too.
The sausages are mixed with my original spices. The sausages from the butcher are good too, but this is a different taste I’m proud of.
All that’s left is to cover the pot with a lid and let it cook for a while.

I take out another pot and boil water with vinegar. I place eggs inside and take them out after they moderately harden.
I sprinkle salt, pepper, and herbs on the egg I sliced and put in a baguette.

The dish would be desolate without this.
Ah, didn’t I receive apples?
Mix it with the glut of sour milk and honey…… un. It’s perfect.

I scoop the cooked soup on the plates, pour a homemade herbal tea in the cups and place it on top of the table.
I don’t know whether the man in front of me would like it, but the breakfast is perfect.
Were eggs made like this called poached?
I learned about it just the other day, but I like it.

“Thank you, Grantie.”

Astro was looking at the dishes I put out with a strange smile.
Well, I’m glad that he likes it, but I feel somewhat complicated.
Why do I have to serve you my precious cooking in my house which I consider to be my castle?

…… Un. My cooking is tasty today as well.
Which reminds me, I have received a rare seasoning the other day. I should try it at once.
I have to work starting tomorrow after all. It seems I will go on a mission soon, so let’s try using a bit today.
However, If I get too excited it would get used up before I finish eating. I would be especially troubled if I used it up before a long-term mission.

“It’s delicious as expected.”

I return it’s only given in my head to Astro’s mutter.

“Nevertheless, to think that very Grantie would be so good at cooking.”

…… Why did this man start casually gossiping?

“I told you to leave quickly, didn’t I?”

Are those ears just decorations?

“Isn’t it fine, just a bit. Food is more delicious when eaten by two.”
“That is just a superstition, I’m sorry but I like to be alone.”
“Even though you are a man-eater.”

He’s a really bothersome fellow.
I’m not man-eater or anything. I don’t prefer women either though.
If I’m pushed to say, I would like to keep a distance from men as much as possible. Particularly in my private time like this.

While that may be true, it would be useless to argue with the man in front of me so I just silently glared at him.

“Speaking of Ethel Grantie, you are a rich girl who seduces the male superiors with your sweet talk and then you trample down on them with your heels, right?”

…… Well, you are not mistaken. A fact is a fact. I have done it.
It’s a fact I’d like to correct, but also a fact I don’t want to admit.
Facts can’t be overturned, so there’s no meaning in making excuses.

“If you don’t leave at once, I will stamp you with my heels just as you desire?”

It’s definitely not my hobby, but I don’t object it.
I’m accustomed to that much.
All of that is the fault of that insane boss of mine.
Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.

“I thought you were living in a noble’s house, but I’m surprised how homey it actually is.”

He really is a person who doesn’t listen to others.
Does he have no intention of leaving?

“Cooking is my hobby.”

In the first place, I’m not noble.

“In the first place, the way you talk is not of a lovely rich miss?”
“This is how I always talk.”

Always, rather usually is correct.
I talk like rich miss only on business trips. I also usually talk like this within the Knights Order.
…… Well, there were some funny causes it caused misunderstandings though.


“Grantie, I’m much obligated.”

After finishing the breakfast and drinking the after-meal tea, Astro finally stood up.

“I might have been having a misunderstanding about you. I will change my perspective from now on.”
“I wouldn’t mind even if you didn’t though.”

I feel like the distance between us has somewhat shortened.
I didn’t think even once about getting friendly though.

“I beg you, please stop collapsing in front of my house.”
“Yeah, I will be careful.”

I thought while watching Astro who was waving his hand leave.

…… Ah, I have a bad feeling.
I don’t think it will happen for the third time, but.

Now then, let’s try out the new seasoning.
Let’s do preparations for the dinner while baking cookies.

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Prequel Short Stories