When I Became Able to See Status, I Got to Know My Classmate’s Secret


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Short Stories

Sunday night.
Take a bath and sleep afterward. It’s such time.

I devour net novels on my favorite tablet.

“Oh, an update after a long time.”

I find an update notice of the novel I love and start reading at once.
The genre is the common game-like reincarnation in a different world.
Because the novel got serialized, the updates, unfortunately, became slow.
No, serialization is the target and motivation of the author so I can’t complain. Furthermore, it’s free.

After devouring some works, I became sleepy.
It’s the usual pattern where I part with my consciousness just like that.

Suddenly, I take my eyes off the tablet and wish while looking at my hands.

“Status Open”

He’s still a high school student.
He is aware that if someone finds out, he might lose his life.
In his head in which drowsiness prevails, his chuunibyou came reappeared.

Well, everyone probably tried it at least once.
Anyone will understand.
Nothing happened.

He can’t shoot Kamehameha, and he can’t use the dancing sky technique.
He can’t wield umbrella to mown down trash, and he can’t use magic.
Even if he holds a belt and shouts “Transformation!”, nothing will happen.
Even if he wishes “Status Open”, there’s no way a status window would open.

(Just joking…… eh?)

Even if he wishes “Status Open”, there’s no way a status window would open.
…… It was supposed to be like that, but.

However, he clearly saw it with his eyes.


Name: Endo Tatsuya (Virgin)
Race: Human
Age: 16
Family: Father・Mother・Little sister
Stamina: 82
Strength: 70
(Hereinafter abbreviated)


He doesn’t know what’s what.
He…… Endou Tatsuya is not a special human being.
He doesn’t have even a little bit of special abilities.
He shouldn’t be able to see the status like this.

(Ahh, it’s a dream. I lied down like usually, right?)

Tatsuya immediately judged that this is a dream.
He also thought about playing in the dream, and above else, he’s sleepy.

Waking up the next day after having a dream in which you are sleepy is the worst.
It’s a somewhat unusual dream, but it’s natural that he can see only the information he knows.
In that case, he judged it would be better to give himself up to the sleep and fell asleep.

(Something like a virgin, leave me alone……)



“Good morning~”

The next morning, went to the living room still in pajamas, I could see my mother in the kitchen with my sister in the uniform eating breakfast.
Father is on a business trip, so he’s not here.

“Saori is already in the uniform?”

I greet my little sister who would usually be eating breakfast in the pajamas just like me.

“It’s my day duty, so I got up earlier.”

Sometimes, you need to be early for day duty, but she seems somewhat happy today.
Even though she was eating breakfast while complaining the last time.

Someway or another, I prayed “Status Open”.
The disease that recurred yesterday has not been cured yet.


Name: Endo Saori (Maiden)
Race: Human
Age: 14
Family: Father – Mother – Elder brother
Lover: 1
Stamina: 70
Strength: 59
(Hereinafter abbreviated)




I was surprised that status came out.

(Moreover, what is this Lover: 1!?

“Oniichan, what’s wrong?”
“Ah, no, umm…… it’s nothing.”

I can’t say that I wasn’t surprised that a status appeared.
Besides, Lover: 1.

“Ah~ Saori?”
“You, do you have a boyfriend?”

A magnificent sound.
Are you really a female junior high school student? It had such a feeling.
Well, from her attitude, it appears to be positive.

(Ah, I see. Does she have day duty together with her boyfriend? However, who is that Lover: 1?)

When staring fixedly at the Lover: 1, a name suddenly popped-up.

“Satou Kenya.”

A name I don’t know.
Well, it’s not like I know all of my little sister’s friends and acquaintances.
After seeing my little sister trotting off to the school, I ate breakfast while talking with mother about hearing more details tonight.



Tatsuya is walking to school.
Because he walks on the same road at the same time every day, he knows the people that pass by and the people that he overtakes by faces.
He’s walking while viewing their statuses.

(This…… isn’t a dream?)

He pinched his cheeks many times to confirm.
However, it’s not certain that this is not a dream even if he feels pain.

“Good morning.”
“Ah, morning.”

He greets the elder walking a dog he always passes by.
He looks at the dog and thinks of status.


Name: Sakakibara Kotaro
Race: Dog
Age: 8
Family: Father – Mother – 20 siblings, 3 children, owner’s family
Stamina: 100
Strength: 80
(Hereinafter abbreviated)


(I can see even dog’s)

There’s bizarrely lot in the “Family”, but I guess it’s fine since it’s dog’s status.


He walks while looking at the status of people, so he arrives later than usual. But, he’s not late.
Even here, he looks at the status of his classmates. And then, he remembers a certain entry.

(What, isn’t everyone virgin?)

No, there are some exceptions with lovers, but most of them are “Virgin” “Maiden”.

(However, how unexpected)

He looks at the status of a certain person again.


Name: Umifuji Senchi (Virgin)
Race: Human
Age: 16
Family: Father – Mother
Lover: 1
Stamina: 90
Strength: 84
(Hereinafter abbreviated)


It’s a man who’s recognized as the class’s playboy, his appearances are also really flashy.
But, he’s surprisingly a virgin. Lover: 1. There were people with Lover: 2 or 3, so he seems to be earnest.
When thinking who his partner was, it was unexpectedly a classmate who doesn’t stand out. This was also unexpected.

(You can’t judge people by their appearances, huh)

“Morning~ Saki~”
“You made it just at the last moment.”
“Ehehe~ I overslept……”

Class…… no, the school’s number one or two beauty, Kataoka Saki has arrived.

(Does Kataoka-san have a boyfriend……?)


Name: Kataoka Saki (Pregnant: 3 days)
Race: Human
Age: 16
Family: Father – Mother – 2 Abortions
Manservant: 5
Stamina: 75
Strength: 69
(Hereinafter abbreviated)



I couldn’t think for a moment.

Pregnant: 3 days

This is also terrible, but well, a beauty like her would have a boyfriend.
They would do the deed.
Her contraception might have failed.
Abortion, it probably couldn’t be helped in her age.

It’s nothing to be praised about, though.


(However, Manservant: 5, the hell!?)


They are not even “Lover”.
The school idol was a girl who is (probably) the queen of bitches.

(You can’t judge people by their appearances, huh)

I thought about the same thing dozens of seconds ago, but the frame of my mind was revered.

(Who I have not looked at yet…… ah, the class rep.)

I look at the Takahashi Megumi, the class rep. wearing glasses with braided hair.


Name: Takahashi Megumi (Maiden)
Race: Succubus
Age: 16
Family: Father – Mother – 5 Elder sisters
Stamina: 212
Strength: 361
(Hereinafter abbreviated)



Such unreasonable status he didn’t know how to tsukkomi.
Because he was unconsciously staring at Megumi, she looked back at Tatsuya.

After making a dubious face for a moment, she walked towards him.

(Did I get exposed!?)

Tatsuya stayed until Megumi came in front of him…… no, he could not move even after she stood in front of him.

“Endo-kun. Did you bring the career paper?”

Tatsuya was relieved.
Those were materials he was certainly told to bring today.
They are properly in his bag.

“Sorry, I forgot.”


His words were spun without his permission.

“Gee! Please write it and bring it to me after school, okay!”

Megumi hands him the career questionnaire.


“―― You saw it, right?”


She said in a voice only Tatsuya could hear.

“After school, bring it, by all means, okay!”

Megumi reminds him and returns to her seat.


(――――― Succubus over bitch, the hell is going on!)

The life’s biggest pinch, Tatsuya has thought such.



After school, the entry “Virgin” disappeared from his status and “Lover: 1” appeared, but that’s a different story.

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