The Villainess is Crown Prince’s Political Opponent


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Short Stories

Ahh. Why did it turn out like this?
It has been eighteen years since I reincarnated into the villainess of a certain game.
Even though I have never bullied anyone much less the protagonist, I will be soon executed.
Even though my fiancé the Crown Prince Alexander didn’t seem like a person who could falsely charge and kill people.
Even though his lover, the protagonist Maria also didn’t seem a person that would entrap others.

(That’s why I told you.)

I opened my eyes wide.
The one who called out to me was my mother who should have died a few years ago.
Judging by her appearances, I understand that she’s a ghost.

(I told you, didn’t I? To stop acting like a man.)

I have asked Father to let me manage a territory.
Mother has scolded me many times that something like that is a man’s job.
But, I didn’t listen because I was working for the citizens, in order to avoid being like the original villainess Ecaterina.

“I don’t think I was wrong.”
(You should have been more feminine.)

Mother said so, but I improved my femininity as well.
Even though I was praised as a peerless beauty by my beautiful parents.
It’s not only the appearances.
Embroidery, dancing, I have learned everything a noble lady should.

(Because you took over the work of men, you incurred someone’s enmity.)

Hearing those words, my little brother who was with High Highness when he condemned me floated on my mind.
Come to think of it, about the time the territory management became smooth, my little brother started becoming distant.

(Nikolai believed that you are going to push him aside and become the Duke yourself.)
“That wasn’t my intention!”

Even though I cared about the citizens, I felt regretful that I didn’t think about my little brother.

(His Highness is the same.)

His Highness Alexander is the same? What does that mean?

(He was suspecting that you would seize the power from him once you become the queen.)
“That can’t be!”

Why even His Highness?!
Is woman managing a territory that bad of a thing?!

(“Woman can’t do anything even if she lends a man a hand”. That is this country’s common sense amongst men.)
(But, you deviated from that common sense.)
(Men couldn’t stand it.. Doing what men should. Having better results than men…… a woman like that would be loathed.)

I wasn’t aware of this world’s common sense. Even though there were things that weren’t described in the game. I can’t say anything because I didn’t notice.
Ahh, now that I think about it, Maria might be the opposite type of me.
She’s good at behaving like a spoiled child in front of men, she’s good at praising too. She wouldn’t lose a man’s honor.


(To His Highness, you weren’t a “Woman”. You were a man wearing a woman’s skin. A political opponent who aimed for his life in order to gain power』

If I have shown him love, would he have not doubted me?

(It’s time.)

Poison has been carried in.
It seems that the public will be told that I have died from an illness.
If I publicize the false charges, father and Nikolai would be probably put to death as well

“Do you have any last words?”

For some reason, Maria and the capture targets came to see me.
It’s not something intriguing to watch, are they unable to feel at ease unless they see me die with their own eyes?
How many of these people know that my crimes were fabricated?
I looked at Nikolai’s face.
I wonder what will happen to the territory I managed? Will it go back to its original state with my influence fading?


I endured saying all of the feelings of a grudge I have. I’m fine fighting until the end.
My ghost mother watched me with a gentle smile.
I wonder if I will become a ghost too once I die? A vengeful ghost.
It’s fine if I don’t though.

“Well then, everyone. Gokigen’you.”

Thus, I drank poison and died.




(Rather than my husband or son, I think that my daughter is the most precious to me.)

The ghost who came to see the death of her beloved daughter muttered.

(Now then, who shall be first?)

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