Although I Was Summoned as a Scapegoat, I’m Happy ~ Sequel ~


Prequel Short Stories

My name is Kashii Mikoto.
I was an ordinary high school girl you could find generally anywhere.

Right, I was.
Right now, I’m probably very far apart from being ordinary.

I was summoned as Saint in the stead of the shitty bitch (beauty?) who used me as a scapegoat and I’m the Demon King’s Queen now.
Yes, I got married.
The honeymoon of a newly-wed couple is sweet. That is Riajuu.

Since I was linked to the Demon King by contract, I was bestowed with near immortality.
The appearances of Demons aren’t different from that of humans, but their lifespan and strength can’t be compared.

I can never return to Japan again and I don’t intend to.
Although, not being able to see my parents is lonely after all.
But, I have received “If you meet a destined person, rush in without caring about your appearances” such grateful words.

After that, the hunks who went with me on the Demon King subjugation ran for their dear life to the human territory.

They are guys with faces as their only redeeming feature, so it couldn’t be helped.
They were apparently the strongest among their class within the country though.
What made them think they would be able to subjugate the Demon King like that?
They really don’t know their place.

Not dying is a matter of great congratulations.
It’s not necessary to be concerned about them anymore and I don’t even want to be.


I seemed unable to stand up after hearing the sweet, low voice full of charm.
Muscular, long arms wrapped around me who was feeling giddy.


It was the Demon King and my husband, Vladimir.
I was lifted by my beloved husband, his gaze getting closer.

“It seems the humans have summoned a Saint again.”

I absentmindedly stared in his eyes which have narrowed like eyes of a beast.

“Heeh. There really are only fools among those people.”

While on the journey to the Demon King’s castle, most of the evil land has been purified by me. Even though there should be no need for the Saint anymore, what more are they wishing for?
Well, there still are monsters. Do something about that much yourself.

“They have been such a dull race since a long time ago. Of course, Mikoto is an exception.”

Vladimir with an expression of scorn is also wonderful.
While watching in fascination, Vladimir’s red eyes shot right through me.

“Yeah. I know.”

I’m being loved more than enough. There is no room for doubt.

“No, it’s still not enough.”

Saying such while broadly grinning, Vladimir went towards the bedroom with me in his arms.

How many days have passed?
I, who was loved was dozing off in Vladimir’s arms with both my heart and body satisfied.

“Demon King-sama! The Saint troupe has arrived at the entrance of the castle.”

I frowned at the tactless man who was pounding on the door of the bedroom.
Saint troupe? Have they come to get hurt again? Foolish.

“Play with them suitably.”

Vladimir replied to his subordinate disinterestedly.

After napping for a while, we went to the throne room.

Apparently, after playing with the Saint troupe, he ordered to bring them to the throne room.

Vladimir who looked imposing after he sat on the throne sat me on his lap.
Yup. Nothing strange here. This is the usual after all.

“Demon King-sama, we have brought them.”

The heavy double door opened and the Saint troupe arrived.
To put it simply, they are wounded all over their bodies.
They were only played with, so there were no deaths.

“So you are the Demon King!”

“Wha? …… Saint? You are alive.”

The hunks from the Saint troupe looked at me and various expressions floated on their faces.
The Saint among them looked at me and opened her eyes even wider.

“…… Kashii-san?”

Saint, no, Shitty Bitch-san muttered my name absentmindedly.
A fluffy, shoulder-length brown hair, big eyes with double eyelids, a white skin with no impurities, pink-colored lips. Yep. The appearances of beauty.

Shitty Bitch-san was apparently summoned as the Saint.
She couldn’t escape it in the end. How unfortunate.

“Long time no see, Shitty Bitch-san. I’m happy thanks to you.”

I greeted her with a smile.
I have been made a scapegoat and yet I’m so kind, aren’t I?
Reporting my happiness properly is a must, isn’t it?

“…… Eh? Hah? What’s with the shitty bitch!”

The absentminded shitty bitch remembered to get angry at my words and her face got dyed red.
A face of Hannya spouted on her face.

“Saint-sama! What is the meaning of this? Why are you alive and why are you with the Demon King!”

Hunk Knight No.1 shouted while glaring at me.

“Saint? Saint is the woman over there, no? I was just summoned as her replacement.”

When I conveyed the truth, the hunks exposed their blank stupidity.
They didn’t understand the meaning of my words immediately.

The moment they understood, an expression of anger appeared on the hunks’ faces.

“You have deceived us!”

“So you were a fake. No wonder……”

No wonder? What is. That I’m not beautiful?
May I kill them, these fellows.

“Say. Are you guys stupid? Are you idiots? I don’t understand what deceiving are you talking about. I have properly done the purifying, didn’t I? Just how much more useful do you think I was compared to you guys? Think carefully before speaking.”

I got irritated a little bit. I thought of squashing them for a bit there. Think carefully before speaking.

“Kuku, there are only idiots among humans.”

Vladimir laughed cheerfully next to my ear.
When I looked up, he gently kissed my cheek.
Haah. Vladimir is so wonderful I’m troubled.


The Saint troupe was at loss for words at that scene.

“…… Why…… why is a woman like you loved by such fine man? That’s supposed to be my place!”

Yes? What is she saying, this shitty bitch. Has she become crazy?

“Saint-sama? What is the matter?”

Being called by the magician hunk, the shitty bitch showed a surprised expression.

Her true opinion full of desires came out. I understand.
But, shitty bitch has the hunks over there, right? Endure with that.

“This, is mine. This place mine and mine only.”

Looking in the shitty bitch’s eyes, I said while laughing.
Her face warped in frustration. Even though she’s a beauty, she’s way too deplorable.

“Naturally. Mikoto is my one and only beloved Queen after all. I don’t know any disgusting woman like you.”

My cheeks loosened when Vladimir declared it so clearly.

The face of the shitty bitch who was recognized as disgusting turned pale, but she was still intensely glaring at me.

“Even though you are just an ordinary woman! Don’t get carried away just because you have slightly larger boobs!”

Hah? Larger boobs? Nono, they are normal, you know? You are just flat.
It should be fine to leave this silly person who doesn’t follow aside, right? Yeah.

“So, what have you come for?”

Ignoring the shitty bitch, I talk to the hunks.

“What for? Of course, we came to subjugate the Demon King.”

Vladimir released a strong magical power after hearing the words of the Hunk Knight No.2.

Suffering under the weight of the magical power, the Saint troupe kneeled down.
No, the shitty bitch has more or less the cheats of being the Saint. Do your best.

“Hooh. You are going to kill me? How wonderful. Try if you are capable.”

I watched the expression of the Saint troupe warp in fear under Vladimir’s smiling coercion.

“Hmm. In the first place, Demon King subjugation has no meaning. Unless you are a candidate for suicide, that is.”

Not minding the tense atmosphere, I opened my mouth.
Then, Vladimir’s magical power instantly disappeared.
The truth is, he didn’t mind the words of the Hunk Knight No.2 at all.

Vladimir kissed the back of my neck.
You are too free. Husband of mine.

“Haah…… haah…… w, what do you mean?”

Hunk Magician No.1 asked while gasping for breath.
It seems that others can’t speak yet.

“What it means is that the source of your problems is incorrect. It’s not Vladimir’s fault that monsters are attacking the human territories.”

The hunks were dumbfounded by my words. The shitty bitch is crying. She’s ignored by everyone though.

“Then! Whose fault are you saying it is!”

Hunk Knight No.2 shouted while glaring at me.

“Eh? It’s the fault of humans.”

The answer was clear. It’s the fault of you, humans. Why don’t you understand?

“Hah? Eh, I don’t understand your meaning. Why are you saying it’s our fault?”

They really don’t seem to know.
Frowning, the Saint troupe (except the shitty bitch) tilt their heads.

I looked at Vladimir.
Rather than me explaining, it would be better for Vladimir to explain himself.
Vladimir who guessed my intentions coiled his arms around my waist and turned his gaze towards the Saint troupe.

“Because you are greedy. In order to expand the land, you guys cut down the forests where the monsters reside. Why do you think the monsters won’t stop attacking the humans?”

Monsters don’t possess much intelligence, but they protect their dwellings.
They get angry if robbed of it and will try to regain it.

“That can’t be…… we just made places for humans to live.”

If the population increases year by year, the land becomes more confined as well. When that happens, it’s necessary to develop new land. It’s a matter of course for humans.

“Humans destroy the monsters’ dwellings and make it their own. If you want to keep doing that, keep receiving the monsters’ anger as well. Stop blaming others.”

This world is the survival of the fittest itself.
Even on Earth, even in peaceful Japan, the survival of the fittest won’t change if lives are at stake.

“I won’t say that greed is bad. But, you will have to pay the price. If you don’t want that, gain it with your own hands. Trample it. Just like I did.”

Vladimir grinned and viciously laughed.
Vladimir who is reigning as the Demon King gained the position on his own.
There’s no one stronger than Vladimir in this world.

“Haah…… Vladimir is so cool but. Just what should I do?”

I unintentionally spilled my thoughts.
Serious talk is unrelated to me after all.

“Kuku. You just have to love me. Simple, right?”

Vladimir’s red eyes sparkled and he instantly teleported us to the bedroom while deeply kissing me.

After that, on the Saint troupe’s road to the human territories, they defeated monsters while trying to coax the useless Saint who kept on crying to purify it.

And then, after returning to the royal capital, there was a great invasion of monsters which caused many victims.
They somehow managed to defeat them and are currently rebuilding the country.

They don’t dream about subjugating the Demon King anymore and are facing reality. How admirable.
I’m glad they aren’t so stupid not to recognize the gap between them and the Demon King and Demons. We would be able to instantly wipe out the humans if we got serious after all.

The Saint Shitty Bitch-san has exposed her true character too much and has been charmed by the hunks. Laughable.
It seems she’s being used conveniently, I don’t think of her as pitiful a single bit.

She will meet her destined person one day. Probably.

While eliminating all the females who are trying to get close to Vladimir, I’m being loved by my husband today as well.

Today as well and tomorrow too.
That’s an eternal and unchangeable fact though.

Prequel Short Stories

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