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The Feelings of the Three Friends
Alice was of Royal descent. Moreover, she was a direct descendant of the Arland Royal family. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was okay for her to run away like this, but Alice silenced the Knight who demanded her assistance and moved to the location of the other two girls. Naturally, I followed her.

Using two magic tools on her waist and back, Alice defeated monsters one by one. It was amazing how she hit them all without a single miss. Well, maybe they were firearms, since she didn’t even prepare her stance.

By the time she defeated every monster in sight and reuniting with the other two, Sharon was already dead. Alice hadn’t been able to give the bracelet to Sharon, who happened to return a bit later. What bad luck. I couldn’t stop my tears, either. After all, I had risked my life too, you know? I thought it would be a miracle if Sharon and the others were safe.

But Alice was truly incredible. She somehow brought Sharon back to life in a way I couldn’t understand. I could grasp just how incredible it was. I mean, in the Church, if you could resurrect even one person, you would be recognized as a Saint who would be remembered in history, you know? Alice revived more than a hundred people at once. However, the miracles ended there. After that, Alice could do nothing else except maintain the barrier she had set up. She summoned eerie slimes to drive away the monsters, but she couldn’t defeat too many, and Alice herself had already exceeded her limits.

I mean, she resurrected the dead, you know? Normally, it’s a miracle-like magic that requires an immense amount of magic power, and the burden on Alice while maintaining the barrier was immeasurable. I felt a little ashamed.

But surprisingly, Alice didn’t change much. We all played games and hoped things would turn out for the best.

You see, there was nothing else to do, and Alice told us it was better not to touch the strange dolls within the barrier, so we were bored. It seems that when death approaches, people unexpectedly become more obedient.

But this time, a miracle happened to Alice. Her big brother came to her rescue with a potion. Although he hadn’t brought many soldiers, if Alice’s magic power recovered, perhaps she could stall long enough for Arland to come help… Huh? A counterattack?

“I will never forgive these monsters.”

Alice’s anger had already reached its limit. It seems that even Alice, being a kind person she is, couldn’t tolerate the fact that the monsters had hurt Sharon. She, along with her big brother and the dwarf uncle who had come with him, created a strange monster-like being in just one night and went on an expedition.

She handed each of us multiple new bracelets and then left through the castle gates.

“Hey, Anon. Maybe the bracelets we received were made by Alice?”

“What a coincidence, I think so, too.”

“Alice… she’s so sweet.”

She seemed like a hero from a story. She risked her life to save someone, which is something most people couldn’t do, even though we were merely friends, she protected us as if it were the most natural thing, while putting her position at risk.

After that, I was found by my foolish old man and was delivering bows and arrows on the castle walls. But Alice and her group were incredible. They not only mowed down approaching monsters but also overwhelmed them by firing dragon-like breath attacks. Occasionally, the weird magic tool seemed to be shooting at us, and it was really terrifying. In fact, one of the three magic tools I received for the barrier was destroyed… Why would they shoot at us?!


“You should pay close attention too. That’s the Arland Royal family, who lives to fight.”

That foolish old man seemed to want to show me Alice’s battle. In bad taste.

But no matter how strong she was, it seemed impossible to handle so many monsters. When the people on the castle walls were starting to give up, Alice took the next step. Just when I noticed she turned red, she started dancing even though she was on the battlefield. Then, the earth cracked, pillars of fire rose, and trampled the monsters. Just as I thought that was amazing enough, a wave of fire emerged, burning the monsters to ashes. Not only me but everyone on the castle walls had their mouths wide open and forgot to keep attacking.

I just thought it was beautiful. Alice, cloaked in flames. Even from a distance, I could tell her attire was like nothing I had ever seen before, and she was dancing. That was all, but the flames obeyed Alice, burning the monsters. And when they disappeared, the monsters fled. I can say for sure that even if I were a monster, I’d run away.

And when all the surrounding monsters disappeared, something detached from Alice and she collapsed.


I ran towards Alice when she returned through the castle gates. The people on the castle walls were still bewildered, and the people in the Capital could only see the pillars of fire. So, there were fewer people than I had thought.

“She’s okay… I think. There’s no serious injury. She’s just tired.”

Alice’s big brother said as he stood in front of me, who tried to run to her. But I couldn’t get close to Alice. Maybe it was a lost cause. I could see Alice through a gap, and she looked terribly pale, but she was still breathing.



Alice became a Saintess and a Hero. Everyone was grateful to her. I was directly told by the King himself that I shouldn’t see her until her consciousness had fully returned, so I waited in the mansion. However, members of the Church came to kidnap Alice.

But the three of us were not allowed to leave the mansion; we were locked in our rooms. They said we had to stay quiet in our rooms until the His Majesty put pressure on other nobles in the country and because we were Alice’s friends, there was a possibility we might be in danger. I don’t know why we were considered to be in danger, but it was very sad that we couldn’t do anything when Alice was in trouble. I want to become stronger. I want to be an adult whom Alice can proudly call a friend. All I could do was pray for Alice’s safety from my bed.

The result is that Alice apparently gave them a sound thrashing. There were no witnesses because the Church Knights had caused such chaos among the citizens, and Alice defeated them using her magic, and His Majesty captured and executed most of them.

It’s only natural. Alice is of Royal blood.

I’ve made up my mind. I want to become stronger and stand by her side next time!! I won’t be a burden anymore. I’m sure that in terms of sword skills and physical strength, I can match Alice. Wait… maybe not without magic, but I’ll definitely catch up. Fight on, me!!

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