Idle Talk 8.2

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The Feelings of the Three Friends
Because she’s definitely stronger than me and has no openings. She’s not your average knight. I can tell because I’ve been watching my Father’s subordinates, the Knights. Even Keena and the others are keeping their distance a bit.

And when we reunited after summer break, Alice’s atmosphere had changed slightly. It was a bit more grown-up, I think? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it was different. But it doesn’t feel bad. Alice often has an expressionless face, but when you talk to her, you can tell right away whether she’s in a good or bad mood. It’s like her atmosphere serves as a substitute for expressions. Alice’s atmosphere felt a bit more confident… she’s more self-assured than usual.

I was surprised that she brought magic tools as souvenirs, and they were not just ordinary souvenirs, they were incredible items. Disposable barrier-type magic tools are very expensive. It’s because of demand supply, right? In other words, they are in high demand, but they are scarce and that’s why they are expensive. Why don’t they get cheaper, I wonder? When I asked Keena later, she said what we were given were quite incredible things. I don’t really understand. My Father doesn’t let me touch magic tools either.

“I suggest that we all go shopping in the Capital on the weekend.”

I told everyone. The three of us occasionally go shopping, but we’ve never gone with all four of us. Alice says she can’t meet up after school because she’s reading grimoires in the library.

“Persistent people are quite common over there. It’s a bit tiring, so it’s a temporary relief.”

It seems Alice has trouble getting along with the advanced class students. They are all older and worked hard to get into the advanced class, but they don’t seem to acknowledge Alice, who joined the advanced class right after enrolling. She doesn’t talk to anyone over there. The only exception is when her brother. He always comes to pick her up from our classroom. Because otherwise, Alice doesn’t try to go there lately.

Her brother, Guiche, is immensely popular at the academy. He’s exceptional with a sword, intelligent, and very attractive. Even Keena gets flushed when he’s mentioned. Sharon, on the other hand, seems a bit absent-minded.

As for me? He’s certainly cool, but… it bothers me that someone stronger than me is around. That’s strange, isn’t it? I’m not usually one to have such a complex, but when I see him, I feel like I want to surpass him. Next time, I’ll ask Alice for a sparring match… even though I know I’ll definitely lose.

Let me get to the point.

“Don’t mess around~~~!”

A Stampede occurred a little before we went shopping. And it happened on a scale that has never been seen in the history of this country. Of course, foreign noble sons and daughters have evacuated abroad. To avoid causing panic, the details were not disclosed to the noble sons and daughters from other countries. Alice must have returned home without knowing the reason. Honestly, the three of us want to escape too… I’m worried about Sharon. She went back to her territory to buy souvenirs for Alice and is scheduled to return today… I hope we don’t run into each other…

But that’s not the main issue. This foolish Father told me to go into actual combat when I was eight. I thought he might be a battle maniac, but he’s truly an idiot.

“Shut it, this is a national crisis. Houses everywhere are sending those who can fight into battle. The Sheffield family is no different. Why do you think I gave you a sword? I’ve prepared other equipment, so get ready quickly.”

I want to cry. Because there’s no chance of winning… Ah~ what a disaster. I thought I could get along better with Alice…

Still, it’s our duty as nobles, and we couldn’t escape since the Capital was already surrounded, so I’ve decided to resign myself to fighting. But with my strength, I can’t even deliver a fatal blow. The Capital is surrounded by walls, and there are monsters inside the Capital, you know? It’s impossible. Goblins, maybe I could handle, but those wolf-like creatures with wings, absolutely not. Dodging is the best I can do. Cutting them won’t even leave a scratch.

“It’s impossible~~”


“Stop whining!!”

“Then don’t use me as bait!!”

For some reason, I was the nimblest among those who were placed in this location. But using a child as bait is just despicable.

But I can’t keep avoiding forever. I kept getting more and more cuts, and finally, I fell… That’s when I remembered.

(Use it if things get dangerous.)

Alice gave it to me back then, and I’ve been wearing it all this time.


When I held out the bracelet, a semi-transparent membrane-like thing appeared around me, and the monster that had tried to slash me with its claws crashed into a nearby house at incredible speed. This was more than just a barrier!! But I was saved.

“Give that to me. It’s needed at the front lines.”

“It’s already broken, so no can do. Teehee.”

Who would give it to such an idiot… But I’m glad I had it. I probably wouldn’t have survived without it. Let me catch my breath for a moment. And when the monster stumbled out, I felt a bit more in control. I couldn’t hurt that monster, but I’d become better at avoiding its attacks, and when the monster appeared disoriented, Alice was behind it.

For a moment, I thought it was an illusion. I’ve never seen Alice with such cold eyes.

That monster didn’t even resist, it was instantly defeated by Alice. Lightning suddenly struck, burning the monsters flying in the sky and those killing the citizens. There were quite a few survivors, but when Alice swiftly drew something from her waist, it emitted a brief flash, and simultaneously, the monsters fell. There seemed to be a hole in their forehead when I looked closely. She did something again.

Alice had those incredibly cold eyes, but when she looked at me, her eyes seemed like they were about to cry. She must have been angry with the monster. Alice is the kind of person you should never anger. She shows no mercy.

“I ran away from home.”

As expected, Alice didn’t seem to know the circumstances in the Capital before she left. I don’t know how she managed to come back in such a short time, but I was glad she came for us. I would have been eaten by that monster if she hadn’t come. But there was something even more surprising.

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