Chapter 27

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We arrived in Cranvan, a town located on the southwest side of the Fosch territory, a town renowned for its security.
Although this journey caused me to be rocked by a carriage for two days straight, I was able to talk with Klaus alone about the future and many other things thanks to it. It’s not all that bad, is it?
As I waited for Klaus to come down, he came down carrying a number of luggage.

“Should I carry something? You must have it heavy, right?”

“It’s not that heavy.”

He passed me a relatively light package while pretending to be tough.
It’s apparently not as heavy as his words suggested, just a pain in the ass to carry.
Then, Klaus looked back at the carriage.

“Is it really alright to leave the rest of the things in the carriage? Are you sure the carriage won’t be gone by tomorrow?”

“It will be fine. I’ve rented it for two weeks, too.”

As it was already getting dark, all we can do today is to stay at the inn and sleep, but tomorrow, we will have to start looking for a new house.
Since that is the case, we couldn’t leave our luggage at the inn, and since there was no place to leave it, I decided to rent a carriage, albeit at a slightly higher price.
I thought about buying our own carriage, but I realized that taking care of the horses and maintaining the carriage was a hassle, so I decided not to do it.

Nevertheless, it was probably a good decision to choose this place.
This is the time when the drunken adventurers in Henschel start getting noisy, but this city is not so noisy at all, and somehow calming.
The streets were lined up with buildings that could only be comparable to mansions in the Capital, so I couldn’t believe it that this was actually a commoner’s town.
Then, I noticed Klaus looking around restlessly, so I called out to him to see what was wrong.

“I just thought whether I could really buy a house here…”

“Ah~… I can always lend the rest if you don’t have enough.”

“Please don’t. If I don’t have enough, I’ll earn it myself.”

He seemed to have that something called men’s pride, so he said such manly thing.
As Klaus worried about not being able to cover a debt, a carriage that was late to arrive pulled up next to our carriage.

As we approached, Klaus’s parents stepped out of the carriage with their pet cat and luggage, followed by my parents with their luggage in hand.
When my father saw me, he came straight up to me and asked.

“Will you be able to get along with Klaus?”


“I told you already that we will be fine. You don’t have to worry about it that much.”

“Is that so?… You can always rely on me if you get in trouble, okay?”

“You rely on me too, Dad. Especially when it comes to money.”

I can’t help but worry about my father, who looked away from me, as if he didn’t want to rely on me for money.
On the road, he refused to listen to me, saying that he would buy the house with his own money, or if he had to borrow it from me, he would double the amount of money he would pay me back.
It is understandable that he wants to avoid relying on his own children, but in an emergency like this, he should obediently rely on me.
My mother stood next to my father, looking unimpressed.

“Let’s not be so stubborn and rely on our child, okay? Emi earns ten times more than you, after all.”


With a knife of words, my father was sullen and walked into the inn without saying a word.
I asked my mother, who hadn’t even considered my father’s pride, if that was the right thing to say. She looked at me with her kind eyes, patting me on the head and saying,

“He just doesn’t like to lose. He won’t back down unless you tell him that much.”

“That might be true, but…”

“Now, now, let us go inside too. I’m looking forward to the house.”

“You are all up for relying on me, huh.”

Apparently, it was a joke, and my mother, who burst into a gush, walked toward the inn, so I walked in beside her.
Well, tomorrow we start looking for a house. Hopefully, I’ll find a house that’s comfortable and in a good location.

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