Chapter 26

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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From the creaking carriage, I watched the city of Henschel disappear into the distance.
In the end, the coup d’état in the capital has not been suppressed even after a week, nor has the King been overthrown, so even now, the country continued to wither.
This has led to repeated lootings and crimes by the poor people fleeing from the capital, and we had to move to a city in the Fosch territory.
I wanted to live in Henschel for the rest of my life, but it’s impossible to continue living in a country where the people are not afraid to set its capital city on fire.

I looked around the carriage, anxious about the future.
The seats and floor were more than half-full with our house luggage and the luggage from Klaus’ house. Klaus who was sitting next to me was tending to his weapons in the spare time.
As for why this was happening, we were planning to move out separately five days ago, but there was surprisingly a lot of extra space in the carriage, so we decided to move in together.
And then Klaus, who happened to meet my eyes, laughed as if he had figured something out.

“Are you anxious about the bandits? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

“I don’t care about the bandits. I’m afraid the people there won’t get along with us.”

The driver grandpa said that bandits are often encountered on this route, but there’s nothing scary about that since I can just shoot my magic without worrying about involving innocent people.
Even now, we were dealing with people who seemed to be spies from other countries who invaded the castle, so there’s no need to be so overprotective.
Then Klaus turned away bored.

“What the hell, let me be cool for a bit.”

“You protected me from Heinz. You looked cool that time, didn’t you?”

“Shut up.”

I’m not sure why I feel so happy to see Klaus in a cheerful mood despite his words.
I’m sure I will be able to find a way to make it work on the other side with Klaus. It’s very important to know that there is at least one person you can rely on.
The anxiety that was building inside me became smaller as I started feeling more relieved, when Klaus seemingly recalled something.


“Hey, speaking of which, what happened to that old man who came to your house? Did he return back to the capital?”

“It seems he decided to run away? I don’t know the details, but I guess he’s moved to another country or city that is safe by now.”

“Hmm, he ran away even though he’s the Chief Minister?”

“I don’t know the situation well, but he was apparently demoted from the position of the Chief Minister, and I don’t think that escaping is such a bad thing anyway, you know?”

In fact, if I had fled earlier, I’m sure I wouldn’t have wasted so much time of my life, and Heinz wouldn’t have destroyed part of the town… No, since the wardstone had been ruined, that man would have come anyway.
As that man’s grinning face surfaced on my mind, it made me feel sick so I looked at the scenery outside again.
A hand reached out from the side and patted me roughly on the head.

“You can lie down if you are not feeling well, alright? I will move back.”

“… Thank you.”

I really got myself a kind boyfriend, didn’t I? If it’s like this, I’m sure we will be able to manage over there.

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