Chapter 5

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My Oniisama, Otousama
And that’s why!
My first time in the Royal Capital since I became I. The carriage shakes and my butt hurts.
One week of travel. The way to the Royal Capital sure is far, I thought. Although it may be because we were so slow.
By the way, our house in the Royal Capital is splendid.
A pure white building, large garden. Many butlers and maids also live in there that’s why it’s so big.
The large garden is arranged beautifully, it also looks like a maze. Oniisama’s debut party will be held in that garden.
I thought it would be bang right from the start, but it seems it begins with only the close people first.
I wonder if there will be many delicious things lined up for me. Theo who immediately saw through me gave me a warning to not overeat.
Corset gyu! I can’t even eat in the first place. I think it would be best for Theo to wear it once.
Our house was busy preparing for the party. Otousama who is busy with the state affairs is not at home.
However, Okaasama and the servants are doing their best, so Theo and I obediently wait trying not to disturb them.
In the meantime, Oniisama who temporarily lives in the dorms has returned. It’s Theo’s and Oniisama’s first meeting, so he’s a bit nervous. When I clapped on his back saying it will be okay, he looked at me with a weird face.

“Oniisama, long time no see.”
“Hey, Letty. My little sister is cute as ever.”

Ah, his smiling face is too dazzling!
Oniisama’s name is Tristan. A bright person with a nice smile liked by everyone.
But, I know. This Oniisama is a savage.

“I heard a lot from Okaasama, I will play with you a lot while at this place.”
“I know that there are many things that Oniisama has to do. Please spend time here without worrying about me.”
“You said it……”

See this broad grin of his. Look~! That’s his real nature~!!
Then I introduced Theo.
It seems Oniisama heard about Theo before. The mood was a mutual wait-and-see, but I think it’s only a matter of time before Theo becomes Oniisama’s plaything too.
Theo, live on…… live on strongly…… I can’t help it but think like that.
My house becomes even busier after Oniisama arrived.
Clothes preparations and final adjustments.
Few days pass in the blink of an eye and it’s the last day before Oniisama’s high society debut.
That day, the always busy Otousama has come home.
It has been a while, Otousama~!
Mealtime with all family members after a long time. It does not mean our family is on bad terms. In fact, the times where Okaasama and Otousama are not flirting are rare.

“By the way Letty, I heard that you have a talent in magic, won’t you show me later?”
“Yes, Otousama. You will be surprised.”
“Hee, shall I have a look too.”

Fuhaha, I’m going to pluck out Oniisama’s guts! Is what I say in my heart, but I naturally answer with a smile.
You should not overdo it! Okaasama’s eyes said so. I understand!
She probably reported to Otousama about my magic in various ways.
Otousama is usually a good papa. I know that in the politics he’s called the Oni Prime Minister, but he’s smiling brightly in front of his family.
I thought that knowing all sides of the story is important.
And after the meal, I displayed the magic I could handle.
It’s something Shirin sensei said that is okay to use, though.
They are surprised by the rose whip. I was told that they saw something like that for the first time. I flew to the sky on occasion, they were still surprised. I can fly high, but Shirin sensei said that something like that is no good so I just floated at the knee-high.
Apparently, you can’t normally do that.
By the way, Shirin sensei and Theo can do this too. Seeing me do it, it was possible for them to imagine it.
Can I do it too? Oniisama asks. Wait, if Oniisama learns how to do this, I won’t have an emergency escape.
Thinking so, I quickly land on the ground.

“…… Letty, you must not use that in public.”
“Yes, I know.”

Then, that’s good, Otousama says.
Seeing Oniisama muttering and laughing next to Otousama was incredibly terrifying.

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