Chapter 42

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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In other words, that was just a preface.
While crossing across the courtyard.

“How do you do, you are Leticia…… Letty, right?”

I have been addressed with no honorifics, nickname combo. From where did you get my nickname!!
Eeeh, seriously~!!
Already this Ioan person! I thought. I shouldn’t address seniors without honorifics? Don’t care.
He’s about the age of Oniisama. His manners are mild. But, his eyes look like watching a prize.
Just now. Theo was called over by a teacher. Giselle-chan and Bel were called over too, so we have separated.
Julia-san has a day off today! I’m free!
Is what I thought.
Alright, let’s eat a parfait at the café terrace. You will become fat, the three won’t let me eat. While the demons and dogs are not here~! Even though I was in a good mood.
This happened.
I think that if a sandbag were in front of me right now, I would punch it with my full power.

“That’s correct, but…… you are?”

I think it’s Ioan, but let’s confirm just in case. Just in case.
As I have expected, he called himself Ioan.

“I’m your older brother’s attendant.”

You are not.

“I have a message for you from Tristan.”

Because I know that he’s not attendant, I won’t get deceived!
But, Ioan fired~! Even if I didn’t hear from Oniisama, I would probably think what’s up with this fellow.
Somehow, I think I would.
I mean, he addresses Oniisama without honorifics…… in this situation, Theo would call me either Letty Ojousama or Leticia-sama.
I won’t mind calling me Letty in front of Giselle-chan and Bel whom he has a close relationship with. But, in front of strangers, he would address me properly.
He would have a proper attitude of an attendant. However, this fellow doesn’t have it.
I calm down as possible as I can. And aloofly.

“What kind of message would that be?”
“There will be a tea party, he wants you to come.”
“Is that so?”

Well, yeah. It’s a lie.
It’s impossible to deceive me.
In the first place. If there were a tea party, Oniisama would come personally.
I think he will try to pull me in no matter how I answer. I should say that I would come and say good-bye.

“I am terribly sorry, but I already have arrangements. Excuse me.”

I didn’t lie. I have arrangements with a parfait.
Peko I lowered my head and tried to pass by.


“Never mind that, please come.”

My hand was grasped! Moreover, it hurts!!
He grasped me so hard you could almost hear a sound.

“…… You, you are not Oniisama’s attendant……”
“Wha, you know!? Shit.”
“Please release me.”
“Listen and come!”
“…… Release me…… it hurts I saaay!!”

He won’t let go even if I pull. Then, the other way!!
I step forward and clench my hand. And towards the body.
With my all strength, guwatto


I hammer my strength to his body, and my seized hand becomes free. Victory!!
Fuhahaha!! During my stay in the territory, I have reached a level at which I can defend myself!
I always lost to Theo though!!
Self-defense, self-defense!! No problem!! He’s crouching in front of me, though!! I have safely overdone it!!

“………… Letty, that pose is a bit……”
“Eh? Gyaa! Theo!!”

My victory pose of choice is waving my right fist in the air with my left hand on the waist.
Theo who called out to me looks with a tired expression.
Yes, the familiar, tired expression!! But, this is extra-large tired!!

“…… I somehow understand the circumstances, but after all, that pose is a little……”
“Ah, I, I just got worked up a bit! I will quit it!”

I quickly lower my hand when he says please do that.

“However Letty, unfortunately…”

You were seen by Tristan-sama, Theo says.
Eh, eh? But Oniisama isn’t anywhere around!? I restlessly look around.
Theo, where!? When I ask, he points his hand up.
He was above.
The third floor of the building. The third floor of the building that surrounded the courtyard.
Yoo, he waves his hand. His expression was full of a sense of superiority.
Aah~!!! I was seen~!!!!!
Gupunchgofu! Only would be alright. But, that victory pose after that was bad as expected!!

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