Chapter 39

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Meal with Everyone
“Oi, Letty.”
“Oniisama, please properly eat what you have been served.”

Eat as many eggs as you want.
Oniisama’s plate was hit with the natto dish.
Noticing it and not placing it on Theo’s plate, Oniisama sure has good manners.
If it was me, I would put it directly on Theo’s plate.
And then, disgusted, angry? He returns his plate!

“Oniisama, prejudice against food is not good.”
“It’s rotten, you know?”
“Cheese is also rotten.”

He returned it while clicking his tongue. What is wrong with natto~!
Thank you for your daily grace, dinner.
Delicious…… Japanese food banzai.
Gab-san fixedly stares at me who is enthusiastically eating. What is it? When I ask, You look so happy when you eat he laughs.
I’m the type whose emotion easily show on the face! Isn’t it okay, I’m happy after all!

“Theo, how’s the meal?”
“Delicious, I think.”

He doesn’t look dissatisfied. Un, Theo seems to like Japanese food too. Either he didn’t notice the natto or he likes it. He eats too fast.
Theo was reserved at first, probably because it’s a high-class luxury item, but Gab-san told him not to be so reserved, so he decided to do as he said. How Theo like.
Oniisama eats silently, but his eyebrows are frowning. A pouting expression. But, he seems to like everything except the natto.
I don’t see such pouting face too often. Rather, it’s my first time seeing! How fun!
I wonder what is this bad feeling I have in my heart.
You better remember this, he looks at me with such gaze.
I’m not really picky…… no, cooking for low-quality products is a bit……
We enjoy the meal together.
I will clean up Theo swiftly moves. I know that he’s good at cleaning.
Because he always helps me to clean my room.
Theo who tidied up the table pours us tea. He moves quickly while saying excuse me to others.
Gab-san told him to do as he pleases, so he really does.
However, tea is delicious.

“Theodore is too wasteful on you……”
“Because he’s my Theo! Ah, Oniisama has an attendant too, right?”

I heard a story about that.

“Ah~…… there was one.”

He’s evading it. Which reminds me, I have never seen Oniisama’s attendant.
I was never introduced, I remembered just a while ago.

“…… Were you incompatible and fired him?”
“It’s wasn’t a problem of affinity.”
“Shut up.”

Ah, Gab-san knows. When I ask Oniisama what kind of person it was, he wouldn’t tell me.

“…… Oniisama disliked him to the degree you had to reject him, huh.”
“Even I didn’t like that fellow.”

Hohou. Even Gab-san disliked him.

“Oniisama, please teach me, so I don’t make the same mistake.”

Oniisama starts talking with a troubled expression.
His name was Ioan Baillot.
According to Oniisama, he was damn conceited.

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