Chapter 38

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Seeking a Delicious Meal
I want to eat Japanese food.
The day after getting to know Gab-san, I immediately started starving.
I groan for miso soup.
I hear Bel asking me why am I making a weird face while groaning and Theo answering him that I’m just hungry.
Un, I am hungry for sure!
I’m full, but this starving is another story!
Gununu while groaning, Oniisama suddenly appeared in our classroom.

“Here. I heard the story.”
“O, Oniisama!!”

Oniisama who has seen through me hands me a key!

“Let’s have a meal together today.”

I was told.
By the way, how do you get out of the dormitory!?
I have plant whip magic and flight magic. Also recently, I am able to do permeation magic.
Because I have this, Oniisama gave us the reconnaissance mission.
I did not use it because we didn’t enter.
In other words, if I have this, it’s possible to slip in through windows.
That’s why I told about this to Giselle-chan.

“Flight magic? Eh, Letty, in other words.”
“Like this.”

Gently, I lifted my legs from the ground. I can’t move quickly around the room, but it’s enough just to float.
And then, Giselle-chan’s eyes sparkled. Cute!

“That, can I also do it?”
“Yeah, I think you should. Because Theo has seen me floating in front of him, he didn’t have troubles imagining it.”

Giselle-chan worked hard and acquired flight magic.
Because of that, Giselle-chan has seen me off, I used the key and went to Gab-san’s place.
I can already smell the rice while going up the staircase. What should I do…… my stomach is already making noises.
When I knock on the door and enter, Oniisama was already there. He also brought Theo along.

“Ah, is Theo eating as well?”
“It turned out like that.”
“It’s delicious you know~!”

Theo blinks and laughs.
But, I couldn’t wait patiently and asked if I could help.

“Letty, you will become a hindrance, sit down.”
“It’s okay, Oniisama! Because I can do it!”

Why they don’t have any confidence in me? Oniisama told me not to make trouble, and I faced the cooking Gab-san.
By the way, Theo and Oniisama came together, is that okay?
Well, it will be okay.

“Gab-san, I will help you!”
“Oh~ You said it.”
“Ah, this is!”
“Yes, this is the rotten thing from yesterday.”

No doubt, it’s natto! Hiyaaa!!!

“Yaay! What are you making next?”
“I was just considering it.”

The menu is rice and miso soup. The name is actually different. They are apparently Koome and Miiso soup. It can’t be helped that I’m fixed at rice and miso soup, though!
And today’s fish is Shioyaki~ It was a fish with a white meat yesterday, but it has a salmon-ish color today.

“Aren’t there vegetables?”
“I have some leaves.”

I take a look at it. Ah, isn’t this Ohitashi! A leaf with such feeling.
I look around and see something resembling soy sauce, sampling, sampling! I try a bit, and it’s exactly it. Incidentally, its name is Shouyuu.
Japanese food banzai!
That being the case, Ohitashi is used as a side dish.
It’s seasoned with the soy sauce-like thing and sprinkled a bit with a sesame-like thing.

“…… Gab-san. Gab-san, do you coil this in an egg.”
“…… I don’t.”

Then you should.
That said, I told him I would do it.
I crack the egg~! Mix it with milk and add a little bit of salt.

“Next in the frying pan~”
“…… You, can you do it?”
“Eh, I can? Probably.”

Which reminds me, I never made it. But, the me in the memories did. I can do it, I can do it, probably.
Then, I will leave it to you, Gab-san decided to let me do it.
The egg I mixed biay~to on the frying pan. I leave it for a bit like that.
But, before it hardens, natou~! Natto is Natou. Because the name didn’t change that much, it’s easy to remember. But, natto is natto, soy sauce is soy sauce!!
That being the case, I put in natto and skillfully mix the egg with natto. Tonton, I slightly strike the frying pan.
Mix some more, and add one more egg at the end. Then turn around and take out.

“…… You are making it too difficult.”
“I was wondering why are you not cooking it as is.”
“Then, wouldn’t Oniisama see it?”
“Ah…… I see, that’s true.”

Fufufu. Oniisama apparently dislikes natto.
No, I think there’s no helping it once it’s seen, though.
Even though it’s delicious…… he won’t even try it.
The form is omelet-like, just kidding, there’s natto inside. Satisfied, I place it on a large plate.
Then, it’s served with rice.
Yaay, Japanese food~!!

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