Chapter 6

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Oniisama’s Debut
“Everyone, how do you do? My name is Tristan Achille de Vivier. I am still, but a youngling.”

Oniisama does a drawn-out introduction. Today is the day of Oniisama’s high society debut.
Theo and I watch Oniisama as he introduces himself by Okaasama’s and Otousama’s side.

“Letty Ojousama, it would be better to stop eating already.”
“But, it’s delicious……”
“You will get fat.”
“…… Yes.”

I’m a little hungry~ and ended up eating a bit of sweets.
Although Theo is young, he really is cold. He seems to be my watch today.
It’s not like I would do something bad on a day like this.
The introduction has ended while I was thinking such. Everyone begins to move freely, and Oniisama gets surrounded by people.
The normal 12 years old I wouldn’t understand. However, I’m a child who understands adults.
For that reason, I don’t want to approach that place.
I see the ulterior motives. Getting on good terms with Oniisama and pleasing Otousama.
Such ulterior motives.
Thinking that I don’t have to stay here, I call Theo to leave.

“Where to?”
“To the garden. Did not Sebas make a maze? Let’s play hide-and-seek there.”
“You must not exit the residence.”
“I know. I am not that stupid.”

Who is the person who tried to slip out the residence in the territory numerous times? Theo says.
A child like that isn’t here!
We leave the crowded grassy open space, and head to the beautifully arranged maze.
This is that, right? The green maze from a certain fairy tale.
I run and Theo chases after me. At times like this, there’s no flying in the air.
Although I will fly a bit if we lose our way.

“Theo, quickly!”

The goal is the gazebo in the center of the maze. I lost Theo on the way. It should be alright since the final destination is the same.
I have arrived earlier than Theo. But, there already was a preceding visitor.
An extremely well-dressed boy about Oniisama’s age.
He notices me and turns towards me.

“Who are you?”

Mumu. What a cranky tone of voice. Let’s play it politely here. For Oniisama’s sake.

“I am Leticia. Are you one of Oniisama’s guests?”
“Yes, Tristan Oniisama.”
“Ah, the younger sister huh……”

Platinum blonde. A beautiful sparkling hair color. And ruby-like colored eyes.
Hair and eyes of fantasy world really are fantasy~!
I’m not so fantasy-like, regrettably.
Is it alright to ask his name? I don’t know how to call him.
But, it’s not easy to ask. The customer is a tough one.
Come here, that Oniisama beckons me so I go.

“I’m your brother’s friend. But, I had to escape from my attendants to get here…… and lost my way.”
“Is that so?”

He just said that he ran away, didn’t he?
Huh, yeah.
Yep…… I suddenly remember after getting close and looking at his attire properly.
White, with a military-like feeling. Various decorations are attached, one of them being the crest of this country.
The mark of the royal family. Only those from the royal family can wear it.
In other words, this person is.

“…… Surely not.”

The prince grins.


Hiyaaaa!! A real prince!! My first time seeing one!!
Oi, now’s not the time to be delighted.
I have studied properly, so I know. There are two princes.
The first prince should be a little older. This person, no, this one is the second prince without a doubt.

“…… Alexis-sama?”
“Ah, Alex is fine.”

Such frank! Way of calling you! Is not possible, stupid!!
Is it all right for you to be here? When I ask, he returns a vague smile.
Let’s return, I will escort you. I took his hand.
Theo caught up just at the right time.
Theo looks at the partner I hold hands with and immediately bows.
What is the matter? I look at Theo, he returns me ‘What are you doing?’ gaze.
Oh my, is this not okay?
A laughing spills from the side overlooking the situation. I look up and smoothly remove my hand.

“We will guide you, let’s return.”

Theo and I lead the way. There weren’t any particular conversations during that.
When we get out of the garden, the prince said a single ‘Thank you’. Then, we have seen him off join the crowd of people.

“Do you know who that person is?”
“His Highness Alexis.”
“You didn’t say anything strange, did you?”

It’s probably fine. It’s okay.
His Highness will probably forget about meeting Oniisama’s little sister immediately.
I thought so.

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