Chapter 7

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Oniisama’s and His Highness’ Plot
Oniisama’s high society debut has successfully finished.
Although I have left, there seemed to be an evening party after that.
When I said I wanted to leave early, Theo looked at me with a lukewarm gaze.
Then, on a certain day after the debut.

“Hey, little sister. I have come to play.”

Incognito. Rather, he clearly escaped! His Highness Alexis has appeared at our house.
Moreover, he caught me while I was rolling on the lawn.
I get up in a panic and wipe the grass from my body.
Theo is not with me, I’m alone. What should I do now?

“You look free. Good, play with me.”

What is that~! I’m not free you know!
Although I was idling just now!

“I will call Oniisama over!”
“Ah? You don’t have to call Tristan. I have come on my own accord anyway.”
“It’s time for our appointment soon. I have sent a letter to your house.”

I don’t know about something like that~!
While looking around restlessly not knowing what to do, I caught Oniisama’s figure.
Oi~ not! Quickly come over here!!

“Alex, you are early.”

Oniisama came while laughing with a very natural feeling to it.
Ah, this is. This is…… the bad friend guy.

“Then, I will excuse myself here.”
“Oioi! Letty, you are joining us too.”
“!? Eh, no, eh?”
“Because if you are not here we can’t start talking you see.”

What’s up with that?
I have an unpleasant feeling. Then, I was caught by Oniisama and His Highness on both of my sides and brought into the garden.
The place was the gazebo I met with His Highness for the first time.
It must be because people don’t often come here.
This is bad. Save me!!
Of course, my inner scream didn’t reach anyone.
Disturbing words float around the gazebo.
Namely villain, public order, extermination, chivalrous thief.
What are the two talking about?
Alright, let’s do that. It feels like they have decided on something.
I have a bad feeling.

“Letty, it’s jour job.”
“You are the execution force.”
“I don’t understand.”


Didn’t you hear what we were talking about? Oniisama teases me.
His Highness is only watching and laughing.

“I said, you will arrest the judged Knights and soldiers.”
“You can fly in the sky, right? You are great at magic, right?”

No, that. Oniisama?

“We will investigate our opponents, so you catch them.”
“Oniisama, you are aware of my age, right?”
“Children can not do something like that.”
“You are not normal so you can do it.”

What’s that!!
Is that supposed to be praise or is he speaking ill of me?

“Well, it’s not right now. Little sister will also soon enter the school, right? We are talking about that.”

Therefore, isn’t that alright? His Highness says.
It’s not alright.
I mean this, is my Oniisama ignorant of what will happen if discovered?
The one who will get squeezed by Okaasama will be me, right?
The one Theo will look with shock and make Otousama sigh will be me, right?
It’s not worth it…… absolutely not.

“There is no benefit for me.”
“There is. A benefit to becoming my hands and feet.”

Nai wa!!
Oniisama is so self-centered it’s ridiculous, what an idiot.
His head is good, but he’s an idiot.

“A benefit…… then, the sweets you have tasted, the royal family is the purveyor, after all.”
“Ah, done, done! I will do it!”

Unlike Oniisama, His Highness understands a maiden’s heart!!
Oniisama is amazed at how easily I agreed.
Isn’t that okay!
Sweets! Justice!!
What a joy.
This is good, with that, even if caught, I can make Theo my accomplice.
A collaborator is important.

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