Chapter 8

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Displeased Theo
I who was caught up in Oniisama’s and His Highness’ conspiracy moved to involve another victim.
The two’s plot will not take place immediately but apparently after a few years.
In other words, I will be a goner if I lose motivation. I pray for my well being.

“Letty Ojousama. There’s no need to accompany Tristan-sama’s merrymaking.”
“Ah, you thought it was merrymaking after all?”
“Oh yeah, right~”

Yeah right~ I nod.
Right, it was just a little bit fun!
Well, I know that I get rolled up in trouble every time. I don’t like that about myself.

“Ah, seriously……”

Theo only sighs today.
There’s no need to sigh that much, though? I think.

“Ah, we are already here.”
“Ah, is that so? Wow~ wonderful.”

I look out of the shaking carriage’s window.
What I see is a pure white mansion located on the top of a small hill. Apparently, boys and girls gather here before their formal social debut.
A place to make friends.
Certainly, there were face-to-face meetings among families of acquaintances since long ago.
But, children fundamentally stay in the territory until they enroll in the school in the Royal Capital.
Because such children gather in the capital during the social season, such events are being held.
However, since this a gathering of children, the peerage of their parents is not paid attention to for the time being.
Theo is from Baron House too~ it feels like he’s not my attendant this time, though.
As always! You must not stride around eating too many sweets, do you understand?
Is Theo my mother! He constantly repeats.
It’s alright, it’s alright. I know, I know.
We arrive, and we are guided inside.
I do not know who the lord of this House is. But, well since the house is this wonderful…… his peerage must be high.
We advance through the mansion and arrive at the salon. A sunny place with soft sofa. And a large glass window? Door? Well, either is okay! The big window-like thing can be opened to go out on the terrace. It looks like it’s okay to go in the garden too.
The place is bustling with several children of my age. But, it feels like the groups have already been made.

“Letty Ojousama, don’t make any blunders.”
“I know already~”
“I understand.”

The pressure of Theo’s silence.
When I look around, there was one child who returned my gaze.
Without minding the surroundings at all.
She’s good.
However, although I’m enthusiastic, I hesitate to call out to her.

“Theo, get some sweets and let’s eat them outside.”
“Is it alright to not make any friends?”
“Hmm…… it has to happen naturally, right?”

Well, that’s right. Theo nods.
Theo gets some sweets, and we leave to the garden.
Theo and I sit under a tree, and we discuss the life in the capital.
I’d like to return back to the territory quickly~ Things like that.
I want to learn a lot of magic from Shirin sensei~

“Oi, you guys. Why have you not greeted me!”

While we were carefreely talking we were suddenly encircled.
A boy with red hair trimmed short stood in the center.
First impression, too conceited!!! Only.

“W, what is it?”
“Hmph! I see your faces for the first time. Fellows like you should greet me first!”

What is with this guy, I thought, but I held it in. I am an adult.

“You guys, quicky, greet Ber-kun!”
“Yeah, yeah!”

The puffing boy seems to be called Ber-kun.
I shortly glance at Theo.
That guy has no manners, with that look.
I think so too. However, I thought it would be best not to cause problems so I stood up.

“How do you do, my name is Leticia Aria de Vivier. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”
“I’m Theodore ArditiーーBernard-dono.”

Whoa, Theo is all smiles.
I got so surprised my eyes almost fell out. Uwaa!

“Hmph! I don’t know fellows like you. Rather than that, Miss Leticia, come hang out with us over there.”
“No, I have plenty of fun over here, please do not mind me.”
“…… There’s no gain by being with a fellow like that! But, I’m an heir of the Duke!”

Uwaa, the type I don’t want to associate with.
He put on airs because he’s a child. It’s the type of person I wouldn’t want Oniisama to meet during his debut.
I ignore Bernard boy who told me to come with him.
However, the boy got upset at that, caught my arm and pulled me.
But, Theo immediately separated his hand from me.

“W, what are you doing!”
“Letty said she doesn’t want to go.”
“~! It’s a duel!!”

He swung his hand in anger.
What a child. Furthermore, a duel.
Before being able to say to stop it, a glove was thrown at Theo.
The surroundings get noisy.
They are cheers for Bernard boy.

“Hey, Theo……”
“What is it?”

Theo is displeased.
This smile is not good.
I told him to do as he pleases and stepped aside.
Theo trains in martial arts. I retreat because I know he won’t lose so easily.

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