Chapter 30

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The Fallen Palace (3)
At the same time Kulm killed Emperor Etra, Emilia had arrived at the inner palace. Emilia turned the palace’s maids into undead and was getting guided to the Emperor’s family hiding place.
When Emilia and her maids dove into the horrified group of maids, they took their lives mercilessly. The maids couldn’t even manage to let out screams when they got turned.

“Take me to the Emperor’s family.”

The maids who got turned into undead quickly nodded to Emilia’s order. After being turned, they clearly understood the difference in status between them and Emilia, so they quickly submitted.
Moreover, the Salbuveir clan massacred the citizens of the capital and overwhelmingly defeated the troops that came to save them, so the girls had no choice but to obey.

“T, this way please.”

A maid of the same age as Emilia’s groups guided them. Emilia and her two maids followed her quietly. The maid could no longer disobey them anymore, so the three did not bother being wary around her.

The maid walking in front of them stopped in the middle of the corridor and pointed at the wall with her voice shaking.

“Soldiers are hiding in there.”

The maid conveyed to Emilia’s group with a trembling voice. Hearing that, Emilia grinned at the maid.

“That’s fine. I was about to punish you if you didn’t tell me.”

The maid shook in fear when Emilia spoke to her. In fact, Emilia and her two maids were aware of the soldiers hiding behind the wall. Since becoming undead, their perception sharpened and they could sense presences up to twenty meters in radius.

“Now then…”

When Emilia glanced at Helen, she nodded back, formed a spear from miasma in her hands and penetrated the wall. When the spear penetrated about two-thirds in the wall, blood soon trickled down the handle.

“Let’s go then.”

When Emilia said that and ordered the maid to continue, she resumed guiding the group with a fear-filled face.

“T, this way please.”

The maid lowered her head when speaking to Emilia. The door the maid stopped before was leading to the Empress’ personal room.

(Six women… one boy… ten soldiers.)

Emilia’s keen senses gave her a good idea about the number of people in the room. Helen and Amis were similar, and the loyal maids already formed their weapons from miasma.

Save meeeeee!!


Emilia heard the cries of maids from behind. It appears that the Salbuveir retainers who were breaking into the palace were taking care of the maids and concubines.

“Open the door.”

The maid nodded and opened the door. That very moment several arrows were fired. Emilia grabbed the maid’s head and brought her before her, making the arrows pierce the maid’s body.
Helen and Amis knocked down the arrows shooting towards them with the weapons in their hands. By all rights, Helen and Amis should have protected Emilia, but she used the maid as a shield.

“She used the maid as a shield…”

The soldiers let out stunned voices from their mouths. They tried to take them by surprise, but they couldn’t even scratch Emilia.

“Good day to you Empress Iline, Side Consort Aluris, Third Prince Shukul.”

The faces of Empress and her group froze after hearing Emilia speak to them. Third Prince Shukul stood in front of Aluris, trying to protect her.

“And all the Imperial Guards here… did you think you could stop us with only ten people?”

The knights raised their swords and assaulted Emilia in desperation. Emilia pushed the maid she used as shield forward. The maid’s body was already covered in miasma and her body turned into a giant Death Knight after about two to three steps.


The knight at the front who saw the sudden Death Knight’s appearances lost his vigor but was unable to stop in time, running straight towards the giant body. When the Death Knight swung its big sword, it dissected the knight in half.
The bisected upper body fell to the floor while the lower body stopped advancing only after several more steps.

Side Consort Aluris screamed from the top of her lungs. As Aluris screamed, Helen and Amis threw their swords. The thrown swords pierced the faces of the female officers standing by the Empress and Side Consort.
Helen and Amis moved faster than the rest of the maids could scream from fear of their two colleagues getting slaughtered and got killed.
By the time the women noticed, their throats have already been pierced by Helen and Amis

“Anna… Mulie…”
“Ah… Oh, my God…”

At the sight of the already dead women, Iline and Aluris’ voices were clogged.

The knights were also already scattered into pieces of flesh by the Death Knight all around the Empress’ room.

“Now then, looks like we can talk peacefully now. Empress, Side Consort, Third Prince…”

Emilia calmly addressed the living.

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