Chapter 31.1

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The Fallen Palace (4)
Emilia’s words made the faces of Empress Iline and Side Consort Aluris stiffen. Although they were the noble Empress and Side Consort, the situation they found themselves in was totally different from the dangers they had experienced so far.

“First of all, I will have you tell me where that scum is.”

The people in this place immediately seemed to guess who the scum Emilia called was and Iline’s face distorted uncomfortably as she spoke.

“How rude!! What a disrespectful way to speak about the former Emperor!! Emilia, have you lost all dignity as a noble of the Fildmerk Empire!?”

It was the loyal maids Helen and Amis who reacted to Iline’s words. Emilia stopped them when they tried to hit Iline who insulted their master whom they respected and adored.

“Both of you, it’s fine. This woman is just a fool who doesn’t understand her own position. Let’s be tolerant.”
“… Understood.”

Helen and Amis replied discontentedly. To them, Emilia’s orders were more important than their own feelings. They didn’t see Iline even with a speck of favorable light as she insulted Emilia.

“Pardon my discourtesy. By the way, I only said scum… how did you know I was speaking about the Emperor Altonius?”

Emilia asked Iline who had a nasty expression on her face. Emilia’s question made Iline look as if she got slapped.

“T, that’s…”

Iline was unable to reply to Emilia’s question.

“You wouldn’t be able to connect the dots if you yourself didn’t consider your husband a scum, no lady Empress?”
“Isn’t it only natural as the only member of the Imperial family missing from here is the former Emperor!?”
“Well, let’s leave it at that. You have been calling that scum the former Emperor, though?”
“The former Emperor fully realized his responsibility for this incident and yielded the throne to the Second Prince Etra.”

Emilia laughed scornfully at Iline’s explanation. Iline and Aluris couldn’t comprehend the meaning behind her laughter. Even the youngest Shukul didn’t realize.

“In other words, that scum imposed the responsibility on his fourteen years old son… huh. As expected of Altonius, he can be assessed as a scum when it comes to both being a father and a ruler.”

Iline and Aluris were silent this time. They seemed to have their opinion on Altonius’ actions even without Emilia saying anything.

“Empress, Side Consort… and Third Prince… what is the reason for protecting Altonius who is so deplorable as the emperor, husband and father?”

The three stayed silent. No matter how much they try to cover for Altonius, his actions had ruined them all.

“Oh well, let’s get back to my first question. Where is the scum Altonius hiding at?”

The three responded Emilia with silence. Emilia was expecting that, so she reached for Iline’s ear with a sigh.


Iline let out a dumbfounded voice. She couldn’t comprehend when Emilia managed to grab her ear. Before she noticed, her ear was in Emilia’s grasp. It was almost as if time itself had stopped, and she only realized what happened when she felt fingers gripped her ear.
Of course, Emilia’s presence was completely erased which was one of many martial arts moves, but it seemed like a supernatural ability to Iline who knew nothing regarding to combat.

“I can’t believe you are still keeping silent in this situation… you are pretty stupid, too.”

Emilia laughed lightly. Emilia’s smile was very soft, one that could belong to a Saintess, but the words escaping her mouth and her actions were on the extreme opposite.


Iline heard the sound of something being torn off and at the same time, she felt intense pain emanating from where her ear was.


Iline screamed as the intense pain assaulted her. Iline noticed that there was something missing when she held down the painful area with her hand.

“Ahh… ah… my ear…”

Iline uttered in a stunned tone.

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