Chapter 171

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I can tell that my consciousness that fell into the darkness is resurfacing.
It was not possible for me to deal with the enormous stream of information, so my consciousness got cut off in order to protect my mind.

I can tell even without opening my eyes. The soft and fluffy Reki-kun behind my back.
You enter a sleep-like state when accessing the Wolrd Archive, so I used Reki-kun as a pillow before going in.
Since I am still using Reki-kun as a pillow, not that much time must have passed after I fainted.
As it’s supposed to take quite a long time to access the World Archive, me fainting must have shortened that time, thus resulting in me not being carried to my room.


I slowly opened my eyes.
What I see is magical power and darkness. The usual scenery.
The reason I still feel sluggish must be the remaining burden of the “Information Analysis”. That was surprising.
To think it would gather so much information at once……

I thought that I read the formula configuration of the “Information Analysis” perfectly, but this sorcery is more incredible than I thought.
Different from obtaining scarce information, I have obtained a vast amount of information enough to cause me to faint. This is delightful.
But, it’s currently so informative that it cannot be used.
I will have to sort out the necessary information and selecting the information by myself.


“Lily, welcome back~ How was it?”

(I am back, Kuti. I have found an incredible sorcery.)

“Ohh~! As expected of Lily! I thought that you would find something, but for it to be a sorcery! What kind of sorcery is it? Show me, show me!”


Kuti immediately noticed that I have returned from the sea of thoughts and quickly inquired about the sorcery with a flashing signboard behind her.
By the way, Lily banzai, Lily is the best, Lily is the strongest, Lily…… is what was flashing on the signboard.

Releasing the illusionistic space and confirming that Obaasama and others were still chatting at the table just as they were before accessing the World Archive, I began writing the “Information Analysis” into the Kutipad.


Even the formula composition and configuration of this sorcery were made without any considerable flaws.
Altering the composition in its current state would be difficult. As I thought, would not improving the “Information Analysis” and using the selection method of another sorcery instead, be better?
I feel that there is a better way than narrowing the information itself.
If you change the selection method depending on the situation, the application will also improve.

If I’m not mistaken, I feel that I have heard something about the brain being able to store everything subconsciously and procuring the information from that as necessary.
It might be difficult as a human brain is a complicated thing, but it shouldn’t be impossible.
Sorcery just offers such freedom as it’s a lump of possibilities.


“Hohou…… you have found something great. A sorcery that can acquire information from the object is rare. If you are able to utilize this skillfully, I will be anticipating your progress in sorcery!”

(Yes. But, there seem to be all kinds of problems. I tried to experiment in the World Archive and tried combining it.)

“Ohh! As expected of Lily! You have tried using it right away, huh. How did it go? How was it?”


Smiling wryly at Kuti whose eyes sparkled and breathing roughened, I informed her that I wasn’t able to shoulder the burden and fainted.


“Whawhawha, what did you say-! A volume of information that exceeded the limits of Lily’s marvelous processing capacity……”

“Fumu. That is terrifying. It didn’t look that it would be able to gather that much information from the configuration and the formula itself, though……”

(I am back, Sani sensei. That is correct. By itself, it’s not a sorcery that would cause such burden from acquiring a high load of information. However, whether I made a mistake in the combination, or whether the place was bad, that I do not know.)


Understanding that I have returned from developing the illusionistic space again, Sani sensei stated her opinion on the “Information Analysis” while looking at the Kutipad’s shared space.

As Sani sensei said, by itself, “Information Analysis” doesn’t acquire insufficient information, but it’s not a great amount either by any means.
As I thought, the problem was in the combination and the place. The cause was the place with no physical obstacles like the World Archive and the “Magicprint Search” which was used in an environment where its potential was at its highest.
Because the circumstances were the best for the “Magicprint Search”, and the “Information Analysis” provided additional information in great detail, I got burdened with more information than I could shoulder.


“…… I see. The ‘Magicprint Search’ has a great affinity with the World Archive. And the ‘Information Analysis’ on top of that.”

(Yes. But, if I could master it……)

“Fumu. We could expect quite a lot.”

“We have to examine the ‘Information Analysis’ thoroughly first!”

(Yup. Let’s do it right away!)


Together with my reassuring allies Kuti and Sani sensei, we began the quest to investigate everything in regards to the sorcery I obtained.




“Wafuu~n. Wafui~ Wahi, wafu, wapupuu~”

“N, no way, all perfect!?”

“Wafun! (It’s 4590 points, Kuti!).”

“I, impossible! T, to not make a single mistake, thathathat’s, awawawa!”



Reki-kun and Kuti were fighting on the Kutipad during the break.
They get along as usual, but the games Reki-kun is good at had recently increased, so Kuti’s losses started piling up quite a bit.
And yet, no matter how much she loses, Tiny-sama who is in a critical condition keeps challenging him without getting discouraged.


“Ah, you messed up. Kuti, it’s your loss.”

“N, not yet! The match has not been decided yet! I still have my certain-kill drumstick combooo!”

“Wafii~ (You missed again, Kuti).”



This sound game made after the drum master is played with specially made drumsticks.
It can be naturally played even without them, and although both Reki-kun and Kuti are using the drumsticks, Reki-kun reached the rank of a master of drumsticks after three days.
A gigantic puppy splendidly using the drumsticks is quite a surreal spectacle.
Because Kuti is tossing the drumsticks and continuing drumming while doing acrobatics, there’s no way that she could be the opponent of Reki-kun who doesn’t make any errors.
Even though she was able to finish with only two misses, the darkness in her face was overwhelmingly clear.
Two misses cannot be compared to no misses.


“Shit! Shit! Even though you are just Reki-! Let’s decide the match with a game of dancing next, you bastard-!”

“Wafufun (You think you can beat me?).”

“I will show you-!”


The next game they started was dancing that was made after a certain revolution game.
This is also possible to play with a specially made controller.
Not playing with the controller is not that amusing, so both are naturally using their exclusive use controllers.


“Wafu (Then, I will go first).”


Reki-kun moved his gigantic body with unbelievably light movements on top of the controller.
As the game began and the arrows started drifting across the screen from all sides, Reki-kun hit the corresponding arrows on the controller in a timely manner.
Furthermore, Reki-kun moved on top of the controller without looking at the Kutipad’s screen.
It seemed as if he was really dancing.




Making the final light step, Reki-kun lifted his nose with great delight.
Not surprisingly, the score on the screen showed no misses once again. A perfect score.



“Wafufu~ (Now then, it’s your turn, Kuti!).”

“Really? Truly? Seriously-!?”


It wouldn’t be strange if Kuti who was trembling from fear would lose her will to fight, but that’s Kuti we are talking about.
Even if the opponent is powerful, even if she can’t win, she has no choice but to fight.


“Burn my pretty festival dance into your eyes-! Goddamit-!”


Her sorrowful cry resounded as the music began to play.
Unlike her powerful words, the arrows on the screen drifted hectically because of the difficulty she selected…… and in the blink of an eye, Kuti’s health gauge dropped to 0.


“Wau (You should make sure to clear it at least~).”

“Shut up- shut uppp- I was only practicing, shut up-!”

(Isn’t the difficulty way too high?)

“It’s fine! I get motivated the more difficult it is! I can still go on~! I am different from the puppers that challenges only the difficulties he is able to clear!”

“Wafun (Those lines will be empty until you win).”

“Shut up- shut up- shut uppp-!”


While watched the triumphant Reki-kun teasing the vexed Kuti as usual, I was working out the utilization of the “Information Analysis”.

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