Chapter 172

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Lilianne of the Suggestion
Kuti, Sani sensei and I finished analyzing the “Information Analysis” and established that it is indeed a never before seen formula.
Several camouflage formulas were mixed in with the obvious intention of disguising the entire formula.
However, clarifying further who and for what reason they concealed it would be difficult.
Besides, even if understood who did it, there would be no change in the sorcery itself.
Because we have discovered that this formula has definitely not been seen ever before, utilizing this “Information Analysis” perfectly elsewhere except the specialized sorcery might be difficult.

However, it goes without saying that Sani sensei’s researcher soul has been ignited with the discovery of the new formula.


“For now, let’s leave this formula to Sani. Okay, Lily……”

(Y, yeah. It might be my first time seeing Sani sensei this mad……)


Sani sensei usually operates her Kutipad near the high ceiling of the Reki-kun room, so her mad smile of ecstasy was one I had not seen before.


“We have not discovered a new formula for about 400 years after all…… Well, all would be well if she can extract some information from it that would benefit you.”

(A new formula after 400 years, huh…… but, I wonder why it was disguised so much?)

“N~…… there wasn’t anything like that sorcery among the ones I found in the World Archive. Ah, but you have found this one in that hidden place, right? Perhaps it was a two-stage sorcery or something?”

(I see…… there is such possibility. Does it perhaps mean that there are more secrets……)

“…… Two-step, huh~”

“Wafun (Three-step.).”

(Fufu…… Sani sensei will surely discover it all. We have to study it on our own, yes?)


“Wafuwafu~ (I will research too!).”


The reliable Kuti cheerfully puffed out her flat chest with a smugface while Reki-kun began researching the new Beat ‘Em Up game in the Kutipad.


Now then, let’s work hard too so I won’t lose to Sani sensei.


Of course, I don’t mean the Beat ‘Em Up research, okay?




About 3 years and 10 months have passed since my reincarnation.
The hot summer had ended and it was about the time for the cool fall to end too.
The environment of my field of activities is fundamentally controlled by the air-conditioning magic tool all year round so the temperature doesn’t particularly change, but I am able to feel the seasons properly when going outside to see the practice of my siblings.

I will become four years old at the end of this year. However, there’s naturally the rush of birthdays of my family before that.

The top batter is our Mother――Claire’s birthday is first.
I have no doubts that Alek will also give her a present that won’t lose to the last year’s present.
Theo, Ellie, and I will give her a present together, so the three of us gathered in the Reki-kun room for a talk.


“Otousama will be apparently giving her a dress this year. Moreover, a bright red one.”

“A bright red dress…… it will definitely suit Okaasama wonderfully…… What are we going to do, Theo! We lose to Otousama at this rate!”

“Nono, this is not about victory or defeat though……?”


“……! Yeah, we cannot lose! We are going to win, Lily! Ellie!”



I don’t understand quite well, but Ellie was tickling my back, so when I got onboard, Theo quickly ended up changing his thoughts.
I don’t think giving a present is not about victory or defeat, but the two are fully motivated, so let’s deem it acceptable.


“The problem is: what do we give her?”

“Let’s see…… a Selfishness Coupon like the last year wouldn’t be good. It has to be something with an impact……”

“Impact, huh…… how about something similar to the large number bouquets Otousama did the year before last?”

“Though I am working earnestly on my flowerbed every day, there’s not enough flowers for something like that. The Ambrosia I am raising with Lily has not bloomed yet either……”

“Hmmm~…… how difficult……”

“Do you have any ideas, Lily? Anything’s fine?”


The two puzzled siblings looked at me with eyes filled with expectations.
The flow of their magical powers are 30% expectations and 70% our little sister is super adorable today as well.
It seems wrong saying something like that myself, but that’s how it is.


“Nu~…… ah.”


“What’s the matter, Lily?”


I came up with something, so I raised my face that was buried in the fluffy Reki-kun cushion.
Then, I called today’s personal maid Jenny and had her bring Reki-kun’s toy box, from which I took a certain something.
This thing which was composed of magic fragments was much lighter and much prettier.
However, as it had, unfortunately, already ran out of magical power, it couldn’t be used anymore.
But, even so, it was sufficient to convey my intentions.


“Lily, are you perhaps-?”

“Indeed…… it has an impact! Moreover, we have recently improved too. Showing that in front of Okaasama would be our birthday present!”

“I see…… not bad. No…… I think that’s a really good idea! Let’s do it!”



As I thought, they had grasped my intention precisely just from showing them. As expected of my prided elder brother and elder sister.
Both seemed to approve, and we practiced while playing as we did many times before. It might be exaggerated for a culmination, but I think it’s pretty good to show off to Claire.
Besides, using this would be perfect for an impact.


“”As expected of my Lily!””


The two said in a perfect unison only to immediately to cause sparks between them after that. They really do get along.


“Have to ask Eliottoo~”

“Whoops, that’s correct. We have to ask Eliott first, don’t we? We have to ask to make my and Ellie’s share too.”

“True. Let’s go to Eliott’s place first!”


They have decided to go to Eliott’s place at once, but they couldn’t decide on who would carry me, so the two hung their heads in dejection when I climbed on top of Reki-kun’s back.




“Fumu…… that for you guys too, huh…… My Angel’s portion is nearly done, but speaking frankly, it’s a problem of the materials.”

“Materials…… is it?”

“Umu. That thing makes use of a magic stone. It took quite a lot of time just to obtain one for My Angel.”


We have immediately asked Eliott for Theo and Ellie’s share after entering the workshop, but the two siblings froze in place when they heard that magic stones are necessary for it.

Magic stones are magic fragments with a huge amount of amassed magical power.
It’s just they can obtained only by defeating super strong monsters.
And still, it’s not certain to obtain them. The only certain way to obtain magic stone is from the heart of a Dungeon.
But, that’s not easily obtainable.


Certainly, it was a magic stone that was used for that “thing” that won’t work anymore.
If that’s the case, then preparing them by the birthday might be difficult.


“…… What do we do?”

“Fumu…… I also want to see My Angel’s beautiful appearances. Let’s cooperate here.”

“I, is that fine!?”


Eliott is fundamentally harsh to everyone other than me. Rather, he completely ignores them.
This time’s request was also basically brought up with me at the helm.
You could say that Eliott cooperating with Theo and Ellie is quite an unusual thing.
Be it for Claire’s birthday, or Theo and Ellie being my siblings, Eliott doesn’t get moved by such things.


Just what did cause him to change his mind this time,
Did her perhaps turned into an honest man while in contact with me……? No, definitely not.
Was it perhaps to gain a favorable position, I wonder……


Well, either way, all’s good as long as he cooperates with us.




“――and that’s the case. Can you do it?”

“P, probably……”

“…… I will give it a try.”

“Well, don’t try the unreasonable if it’s not possible. Do your best.”



Eliott’s cooperation was a suggestion only.
Well, if we can obtain a magic stone, he will make the two’s share too.
It would be completely fine to leave it to my two siblings, but I’m going too just in case…… to put it blankly, it will be difficult to accomplish.


“Lily, Theo, let’s do our best! Let’s obtain magic stones no matter what it takes!”

“Yeah, but can we really do it?”

“Magic stones are necessary, so we have no choice but to do it! This is a battle we are not allowed to lose!”

“How about reconsidering the present……”

“Are you saying to reject the idea Lily came up with!?”

“!? I haven’t said anything like that!”

“Then, we can only do it!”

“We have no choice but to do it!”


The siblings who were burning with passion were somewhat scary.
It was just an idea that crossed my mind though.


Watching the two from top of Reki-kun’s back, we went to the place of the decisive battle.

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