Chapter 72

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Please don’t go anywhere again.
“Long time no see. Grandfather Vise, Grandmother.”
“I heard from Denis that you were coming. You came a long way, Noah.”
“You have grown up. Think of here as your home and take it easy.”

My parents welcomed Noah. Noah was originally like a grandson to them. When I first married to Anton, I visited them in the mansion in the Capital a couple of times, but they haven’t seen each other after my parents moved back to our fief.

It would be two years ago since they have seen Noah last, so they were dazzled by Noah’s growth.

“Noah, are you hungry? Will you eat lunch?”
“I had a meal on my way here.”
“I see. Do you like raspberries? I have just finished baking a pie, will you have that?”

After entering the living room, Noah sat obediently on the sofa with me. My parents sat on the chairs opposite to us. Dora and Killan left the family alone, and were waiting in the room next to us.
At that moment, a maid came in with a wagon full of sweets, tea, and the pie my Mother recommended. My Mother is unusual among the noble madam as she has a hobby of baking and making sweets by hand. She was very happy that the pie she baked today turned out really well.
Mother is good at baking so even though she doesn’t fail often, she was strangely elated today. I now understand why.
She put her best to baking for our adorable Noah.

“Yes, I will have some. How about Mother?”
“Of course, I will eat it, too.”

Noah gave a cheerful reply and stared at me. I didn’t feel like we didn’t see each other for half a year. Even though there are no blood connections, no official documents, I felt that the feelings I have for Noah were reciprocated.


“Noah, you must be tired from being shaken around in the carriage for a long time, no? Why don’t you take a nap for a little?”
“Yeah, but I would like to stay by your side. Let me sleep on your lap please.”

Noah seemed drowsy after eating the pie. I saw him yawning while silently listening to the adults talk, so when I suggested for him to take a nap, I lied him down on the sofa with my knees as a pillow. This might be criticized as bad manners back in the Capital, but this is my Father’s mansion. There is no one to criticize a child’s behavior.
Both my parents looked at Noah warmly.

“Mother, please don’t go anywhere again.”

Saying that, Noah grasped my hand and closed his eyes. I immediately heard his sleeper’s breath. I ruffled through his glossy, black hair.

“My, oh my. He fell asleep.”
“It would have been a long way for the six years old Noah, yet he came all the way here because he wanted to see Yuri.”

I felt that Noah’s face was healing me. My Father expressed that the six-year-old son went out of his way to see his beloved Mother.

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