Chapter 73

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A frustrating relationship.
“Dear. Wouldn’t it be better for us to adopt Noah before long?”

We might not be connected by blood, but our feelings are that of a child and mother. If Mother adopts Noah, he would become my little stepbrother.

“I mean, Noah has been missing you so much. I have no doubts he wants to live with you. You don’t know whether that Anton will return or not, right?”

Moreover, haven’t you given up on him and divorced him too? She added. Father-in-law told them about the circumstances, so my parents knew what was going on. Although he left me alone to bond with Noah on my own, they thought that he, as the Commander of the Imperial Guards was a proper person.

The day my Mother met my future husband for the first time, she worried that: “I think your partner is a wonderful person, but isn’t he too wonderful for someone like you who likes to take things at your own pace? Will everything be fine?”
You could say that Mother received a great shock when she found out that my husband eloped with a maid. This time, she was worried about Noah who was left behind in her own way.

“I wouldn’t mind if you adopted Noah yourself, though.”
“Noah will become the next head of Garland family. If I take him in, he will lose his future.”

The Vise household is very wealthy for low-ranking nobles. There would be no need to worry about Noah’s life if we took him in. However, the peerage of the Vise household is inferior to the Garland household. Moreover, now that my Eldest brother is the household’s head, it was clear that adopting Noah would not have a good impact on his future.

“Dear, do you not have any good idea?”
“Let’s see. How about remarrying?”
“No, Yuri is still young, wouldn’t it be possible for her to marry while taking a child with her?”

Mother raised her eyebrows at Father’s careless remark, but when I heard his words and recalled Fii, my heart ached. For the last six months, I have regretted having opted to live away from Noah.
As I thought, I selfishly want to be with him. I want to start over if Noah is fine with it. Hence, if I had only one choice, I don’t think I woulnd’t take it.


“Count Garland decided to leave Noah temporarily in our care. How about you sort out your feelings in the meantime, Yuri?”

You have a lot to think about after the divorce, right? Father said.

“I might have made a wrong choice by divorcing.”
“Yuri. Not everyone can be sure what the right answer is. The word ‘regret’ still exists. But, you have taken these actions in for Noah’s sake, right? You don’t think everyone would wait until after you cleaned up your act, right?”
“You are right, Father.”

After my ex-husband eloped with Anna, my heart was leaning towards Fii to seek salvation. The distance between us was closer than that of childhood friends. That made me frightened. Fii did not hide his goodwill towards me and he seemed to care for me and Noah very much.

However, to the public, my ex-husband is supposed to be taking a rest. If rumors of me and my brother-in-law, Fii, start going around while my ex-husband was resting, it will be Noah who would suffer. I was even more scared fo that.

The nobility is full of people with spare time and money and these people are attracted to gossip. They take up a great deal of unimportant matters and blow them out of proportion.
Father, who saw me sigh in lament, muttered.

“How frustrating.”

I felt that my Father’s words were related to me, Noah, and Fii.

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