Chapter 74

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Father was there!
It has been a week since Noah came. Noah was getting along well with the people of the residence. Killan and other guards plus Dora who came with him has become even closer with the other servants of the mansion they were already familiar with.

Today is the Harvest Festival. I brought Noah to the plaza near the residence. There were several stalls lined up along the plaza. Agriculture is thriving in this region, so you can buy grilled meat on skewers, meat pies, cheese dishes, fried vegetables, and even nuts in honey.
Noah was pulling on my hand with sparkles in his eyes. Killan and Dora followed behind us with smiles on their faces.

“N~ this smells so nice.”
“Would you like to try it?”

What caught Noah’s eye were the potatoes that are specially prepared in our region. They are cut into rectangles, fried, and sprinkled with salt. I also bought some grilled meat, pie, and beverages and shared them with Dora and Killan.
Fortunately, there was a bench nearby, so the four of us took a seat together to eat.

“So delish~”
“This is a good environment with clear air. The food is this delicious because the ingredients are good to begin with.”

Noah who bit into a slice of grilled meat showed a smile. Dora seemed to be particular about her food. She stuffed her cheeks with pie while saying such.

“This is a peaceful and nice place.”
“Indeed. There’s nothing here, though.”

When Noah finished eating, he took a notice of something.

“Mother, what is that?”
“What are you talking about?”

Noah found cubbed fruits and something white alternating on a skewer. It gave off a sweet smell, so it must be some kind of a confection. When I asked the salesman, he said it was a newly introduced product.
Since Killan and Dora said they were already full, I bought one and split it with Noah. The white thing was a marshmallow. I used to make it float on top of my cocoa back in the capital.

“Delicious. I didn’t think of using it like this.”


I had never thought of roasting marshmallows on a skewer with fruits. I’m taking my hat off for the person who thought of this.

“This is yummy, Mother. I’d like to eat one more.”
“Alright. Shall we get another one then?”

Just as I addressed the salesman, Noah suddenly shouted “Wait!” and broke into a run.

“Noah, where are you going? Wait up.”
“Young master Noah.”

Killan chased after him. When Dora and I caught up, Killan stopped Noah at the edge of the plaza as he was about to run onto the main street.

“You cannot do that, Young master Noah.”
“Let me go, Killan. Just now…!”
“Just what is going on, Noah? You startled me by suddenly breaking into a run like that.”

I felt the abnormality from Noah who was flailing in Killan’s arms. Noah stared at me as he spoke.

“I just saw Father.”

His words made my mind go blank.

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