Chapter 75

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It was me who was in danger.
“Killan, did you see that person too?”
“No, I did not. I only stopped Young master Noah from rushing out into the street.”
“I don’t think Noah would mistake that person for another.”

That evening, after Noah went to bed, I asked Killan and Dora what they thought about Noah’s remark during the day. Noah said he saw his father, Anton. Anton should be in Troyl.

“If you were that person, what would you come here for?”
“Did he not come to get Young master Noah by any chance? Young master Noah is his only child, after all.”

While I was anxious, Dora said something worrying.

“That can’t be. Why would he leave him alone for so long then?”
“I am not the person himself so I cannot say for sure, but I don’t think I would show up without any reason after eloping.”
“That is indeed correct.”

I couldn’t read my ex-husband’s actions. Dora and Killan were surely like that too. I have been officially divorced from him. On top of this place being far away from Ligisia’s Capital, it’s far in the countryside. You could even say it’s deep in the mountains. It’s a place to avoid if you are in trouble, like Anton, because you have to get through some clearances to reach this place.

Anton must know he’s being chased. Why would he enter this country in secret then? The thoughts I had were gradually getting heavier. I stood up from the chair.

“This is not good.”
“Lady Yurika?”
“I’m going to consult with Father. You two take care of Noah.”

That night was hurried.





I came to the pier. The lumber cut down in the forest owned by Baron Vise was carried into the ships in succession. Two men at the pier were inspecting the ships. There was a place to unload the cargo, and the lumber transported from there was to be inspected too.
There are only people Father trusts. Therefore, I was not worried even if I was separated from the guards and servants following me. This would make me eventually reflect about my failure in upholding vigilance, but right at this moment, I was curious about the strange movements on one of the ships.

“Hey, that ship over there, stop.”

When I tried to approach the ship, the two inspectors stopped me.

“Let us see first.”
“Okay. I will leave it to you then.”

After I said that and as soon as I turned around, my shoulders got pressed on.

“Sorry, missy. This is also one of our jobs.”

The inspectors grinned. Their dialect was strangely foreign. Although they were so polite up until now, their attitude suddenly changed.
Before I could think things through, I smelled a cloth that seemed to be soaked in some kind of medicine. That’s all I realized before my consciousness faded.

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