Chapter 106

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The sins of the father and child.
“They were going to elevate me to the highest position just for their own personal gain. To keep Uncle from danger, I pretended to play along with them and entered the palace. And that’s where you came in. When you had an audience with my Uncle, you warned him that there was a faction trying to kill him, and later, when you were with him, the assassins appeared and attacked you, didn’t they? When I heard that you gained trust by defending Uncle, I thought it seemed a bit shady. Uncle was also acting unnaturally.”

It’s not like that Uncle couldn’t have taken any action, Sole said.

“Uncle has been referred to as an incompetent prince who was lucky enough to pick up the throne, but he’s not. He pretended to be incompetent in front of others and remained vigilant. He is a man of subtlety. That’s why I felt uneasy when he did not put up a guard against you, who came from a foreign country. What’s more, you made the mistake of putting on the act of the Crown Prince’s son.”
“You knew that the Crown Prince’s child was Fionn, huh.”
“Yeah. I had the opportunity to meet him several times when I was a mercenary. He seemed to have been flying all over the countries, after all.”

Fionn was in charge of the intelligence unit under Denis. Anton knew that too.

“I never thought you are actually Uncle’s own child.”

Sole was bewildered as to why Liamus never showed vigilance against Anton. Anton too, felt fortunate that Liamus had accepted him so favorably, but he couldn’t help but feel that things were going too well.

“Uncle seemed to understand everything, yet he still accepted you. By the time you came to Troyl, the doctor had told me that his body has been ravaged by illness and that he has only a few months to live.”

Sole looked at Anton pitifully.

“You already understand it, don’t you? He looked like that. Even if you left him alone, he would eventually die. Uncle seemed to be prepared to be stabbed you the moment he met you.”

Anton couldn’t say anything. Certainly, when he met King Liamus, he thought he was strangely loosely guarded. The strong guards who accompanied him at all times were also kept away.

“After knowing everything, he still…?”
“That’s why I cannot let you die so easily. I’m not going to let you guys come face-to-face in the afterlife in tears.”


After crossing the border and going through the forest, they came to a grassy field. Beyond that, they saw what looked like a monastery.

“Anton Garland has died today. You are but a man without a family name. Anton, you are going to face your sins and live.”

Sole said so in front of the Abbot who came to greet them, as he left Anton in the wagon. Sole asked the Abbot to take care of Anton and he replied “Yes, Your Majesty.” to him. With that attitude, Anton realized that Sole has become the new king after King Liamus’ death.
Furthermore, he wondered why he would save himself. Even if he keeps him alive, the son of King Liamus, may always become his obstacle. However, he got warned by the words of the Abbot, who seemed to realize his thoughts.

“Here lies the remains of the late King Liamus, who before his death had wished to become a monk here. However, that dream was not to be fulfilled and before he died, he asked Lord Sole for help. He asked him to be buried here in the cemetery after his death. My child’s sin is my sin, he said that his soul would continue to pray here for his child even after his death.”

The abbot entered the cemetery and led Anton to a certain grave.

“This is…!”

Anton shuddered. The tomb was farther away from the other graves. But there was an iron chain wrapped around the tomb. The bizarre sight made Anton gasp. It was said that in the Ligisia and Troyl, after death, everyone’s soul would be judged and led to Heaven. He had never heard of chaining the grave in this way.
It is said that even a great villain can go to Heaven if he repents for his sins in the afterlife. And yet this tomb seems to be refusing to let them go.

“It’s the sign of a sinner. The late King Liamus himself admitted that his sins were too deep.”

Anton fell to his knees. The Abbot left him there and watched him outside the cemetery. Anton was moved to tears. After that, Anton would live his life as a monk. While continuing to guard his father’s grave.
He was a man of few words and did not say much about himself, and is said to have passed away in peace.

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