Chapter 102

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Last embrace.
“Uncle. What happened? Why do you look like this? Why are you like this?”

The red-haired man seemed to be called Sole. Sole approached His Majesty Liamus without looking anywhere else. Who was this young man who had proudly stepped into the room where His Majesty ordered no approach?
He made his way towards the sofa where His Majesty Liamus was laying down.

“You are injured? Who was it. Who is the one who made my Uncle look like this?”

He glared at us.

“Was it you guys? Who made Uncle like this?”
“Sole. You are wrong… they are my guests…”
“Why would your guests harm you? Just what happened here?”

When Sole lifted his face up, his subordinates surrounded us.

“Stop it… Sole.”

His Majesty Liamus stopped Sole by his cuffs. Sole glared sharply at us but did not order his subordinates to disperse. Just when I was about to shudder from thinking that I will be under detention again, a personage with a noble voice entered inside.

“Oi, oi. You are the same as always, Sole.”
“That voice, is that Fionn?”

When Sole turned towards the entrance, Fii stepped inside with Killan in tow. His Majesty Liamus muttered “Prince Fionn” under his breath. It appears His Majesty Lamius was aware of Fii’s identity.

“Now, Sole. You are being… rude… that person is… the late… Crown Prince Kian’s…”
“I know. I’m aware that this fellow’s father is this country’s late Crown Prince. But what about it? You are now this country’s King, Uncle. There’s no one more important than you here.”

Sole snickered at His Majesty’s attempt to chide him.


“Fionn. What is this about? These fellows are your acquaintances, no? You asked me to help you capture Anton and his men, and I did. Despite all that, you harmed my Uncle.”
“Sole. You are wrong… this was… done by… myself.”
“Why would you harm yourself?”
“I wasn’t… able to bear… my own… sins.”
“You are lying. Wasn’t it done by Anton who is tied up there? That must be it, right?”

His Majesty Liamus was trying to calm down the enraged Sole, but he was glaring at Anton and us, trying to figure out what happened. Sole seemed stupified by His Majesty’s willingness to lie and protect Anton.

“Why. Why are you protecting Anton? He tried to take your life, didn’t he? His crime is worth of beheading in our country. Give him to me. I will immediately chop his head right here, right now.”
“No… Sole.”

His Majesty mustered up his voice and stopped Sole.

“Anton is… Ligisia’s criminal… he will be judged over there… now… General Denis, quickly… take him… away… please.”
“You have my gratitude, Your Majesty.”

Denis helped the tied up Anton up. His Majesty extended his quivering arm towards Anton.

“Wa… it… please.”
“Your Majesty?”
“Anto… n. Let me… embrace you… please. I had… always wanted to… hold you… in my arms… since the day… you were… born.”

His Majesty tried to get up from the sofa. Sole stood up and supported His Majesty up. His Majesty Liamus embraced Anton in his arms. Anton did as he was told to and did not shake His Majesty off.

“Anton… I’m s… orry.”
“Your Majesty…”
“I’m… going to… join you… guys… sooner or… later…”

It was as if His Majesty Liamus knew that Anton would be given a cup of poison after this. Sole seemed to sense something from his words, but did not say anything to His Majesty. After Anton separated from His Majesty, Denis started walking away, taking him away. Anton bowed deeply one last time at the door and then left. That was the last time I saw him.

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