Chapter 101

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The truth becomes clear.
Denis said it was a cowardly way to get the woman he was in love with, but I could feel his resolve. How could he raise another man’s child knowing its mother had only him on her thoughts?

“Did you not know anything about her partner, Father-in-law?”

What state of mind was he at that time? When I asked Denis all of sudden, he avoided my eyes and made an eye contact with His Majesty.

“No, after finding out who the father of the child was from her, I got angry and went to see Prince Liamus. I did not ask him for the reason they split and thought he defiled her, so punched him until I was satisfied.”
“That time… you beat me… without listening…”
“Sorry about that. It was my youthful indiscretion of that time…”

There was a lot of blood at that time, Denis chuckled. His Majesty also endured the pain and laughed. The two must have a lot to talk about. I was convinced that Denis knew the circumstances on Prince Liamus’s side.

“But after I got to know the prince’s situation, he had a request for me instead. He said he couldn’t secure her happiness. He bowed his head and asked me to take care of her and the child she was expecting.”
“You are lying. If that was the truth, then I…”

Anton exclaimed in disbelief. Denis spoke admonishingly.

“Anton. You were born wanted. After giving birth to you, her health deteriorated and she spent a lot of time in bed. But I have never disliked you. I have been trying to love you twice as much for the prince who couldn’t live with you and your mother, even though he wanted to. You were my pride and joy since childhood… and yet I must have made a mistake somewhere.”

Denis let out a deep sigh and Anton hung his head. His Majesty Liamus watched silently. I couldn’t help asking.

“You Majesty was aware of Anton’s identity, weren’t you?”
“Even though I wasn’t… able to meet them… I received reports… about Anton and his mother. Meeting Anton… I was thankful… to Denis-dono for… raising him up until… now.”


His Majesty said that he was constantly worried about Anton and his mother. He also said he was happy with Anton’s growth.

“… To think… he came to see me… for… for revenge…”

His Majesty laughed self-deprecatingly that Anton had come to take revenge on him.

“You reap what you sow… even though I had… circumstances, I shouldn’t… let go of the woman… I loved and our child… therefore… this is a… suitable end… for someone like me.”

His Majesty Liamus laughed that this was the end a usurper like him deserved.

“What are you saying, Your Majesty. Didn’t you trick Ligisia to sent the Crown Princess who was troubled because of the Crown Prince’s violent nature back to her motherland? Thanks to the kindhearted you and the drama you’ve created, the Crown Princess and her child are now living safely in Ligisia.”

You are the lifesaver of the former Crown Princess and her child, Denis added. Anton stood still with his head hung down. It seems he has lost his will to resist. I think he needed time to process all this.


At that time, a red-haired man kicked the door open and entered. It was a well-built young man like Denis. The young man who seemed to be of the same generation as Fii and Anton brought in soldiers who seemed to belong to the palace.

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