Chapter 103

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Going to Noah.
“Welcome home, Yuri.”
“I have returned, Father, Mother.”
“Welcome back, Mother.”
“Noah. I’m home.”

Three weeks later. Under a sky shrouded in heavy, gray clouds, I returned to the mansion where my parents and Noah were waiting for me in Ligisia. I was still feeling unclear, but being greeted by the people I had wanted to see seemed to clear up some of the obscure thoughts I had.

“I am finally back.”
“Mother. I’m glad you are back. I did not know what to do if you weren’t coming back.”
“It’s okay. I will always return to your side, no matter what happens.”

Noah hugged me, almost crying. I almost cried when I saw it myself, but I managed to hold it together. The one person I always thought about when I was in Troyl was Noah. When I saw Noah’s face, I knew I was finally back home.

“My, oh my. What a spoiled child you are.”

As I was patting his head, Fii came from behind me. After restraining Anton, Denis had returned to Ligisia with his men to escort him back, so I had returned with Fii and Dora.

“Noah. I have something for you.”
“Uncle Fii. Welcome back. A souvenir? What is it?”

At Fii’s words, Noah, who was clinging to my dress, pulled away. As I was looking getting him away from me, feeling a little sad about that, my mother suddenly said to me.


“Noah and Lord Fionn are like a father and son, aren’t they? What do you think of him?”
“W, what do I think?”

I’m aware that I have special feelings for Fii even without my mother having to ask me about it. But I was hesitant to talk about it.

“You are so vexing. If you guys have feelings for each other, why don’t you get together?”
“You have Noah’s approval, no?”
“Noah said it. That he would approve of his Uncle Fii being together with his Mother.”
“Noah said that?”
“Yes. He said that you are always happy and smiling with Uncle Fii around.”

Kids are good at observation. My mother said.

“Noah has been praying every night while you have been gone. Please find Mother as soon as possible. Please let Uncle Fii come home with her as soon as possible.”

Apparently, my parents sent someone to search for me soon after I was taken away. The involvement of the Troyl was suspected because I had told my father before my disappearance that I was going to look at the pier and the laird had told me that he had seen suspicious people in the vicinity.
Fii sent a handful of people to Troyl immediately and said that he was able to find my location, thanks to the flying Blacky.

He didn’t tell them that I couldn’t return home earlier because I was injured by the blade of the woman who held a grudge against Anton. He didn’t want them to worry them anymore. The wound from that time has faded, but it still left a bit of a mark.

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