Chapter 54

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Future Count Garland’s decision.
Because Anton eloped with a servant, Father-in-law Denis disowned Anton, and told me that I can stay by Noah’s side as his mother.
But, that’s merely what the adults have decided, no one asked Anton’s son, Noah, what he wants to do. If he got hurt by the guilt of his father’s actions… is what I started thinking, and refused to allow the servants to speak of the matter.
What does Noah really think about it, though?

I feel that I put up a pretense that it was for Noah’s sake, while pushing my feelings onto him. I have acted selfish just so I could remain Noah’s mother. Even though Noah should have his own thoughts.

“Please don’t speak of leaving, Mother. I love you very much.”
“I also love you.”
“Then, stay here forever.”
“Are you fine with that?”
“I only need Mother, Uncle Fii, Grandfather, and Grandmother. I don’t need Father who made Mother sad.”

While I thought that I made a terrible decision for the Future Count Garland, Noah chose me without hesitation. When I patted his head, he raised his face and looked me in the eyes.

“My Mother is only you.”
“Thank you, Noah.”
“But you know, let’s not keep secrets from now on. Everyone knew that Father eloped except me, it made me feel like I was left out. I felt sad, thinking that no one trusts me.”
“I’m sorry, Noah. Mother made a mistake. You also seem to have been thinking about many things.”

Although he’s just six, he thought about it carefully. I feel ashamed for thinking he was just a child. Unexpectedly, children might be observing the world more than adults think.





When I walked out of Noah’s room, Fii who was leaning against the wall was waiting for me in the hallway.

“How is he?”
“You can just enter to see if you are worried.”
“I cannot do that. I would be interrupting the important mother-child conversation.”
“Let’s move to the parlor?”

When I asked to change places, Fii followed silently. Once we entered the parlor, Clara came and poured us a cup of tea.

“So the capable guard was Blacky, huh. Is he all right?”
“Yeah. He quickly regained consciousness and took revenge on Marquis Hattere.”

Fii seemed to recall the situation and chuckled.

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