Chapter 55

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s common courtesy to clean up after yourself.
As he sat on the opposite side of the table, he recalled the events of that time and soon his body burst into laughter, making me curious.

“What is it? Laughing while reminiscing? Tell me what happened.”
“Blacky landed on the shoulder of the tied-up Marquis and started plucking off his hair with his beak. The Marquis now has three bald spots on his head.”
“Is that so? You reap what you sow. His bald spots won’t placate my anger, though. He should have plucked it all while at it.”
“As expected that would be… bad for Blacky’s stomach.”
“It seems I have no choice but to compromise.”
“But thanks to that, the Marquis confessed immediately:ů

Blacky apparently didn’t want to forgive Marquis just with that. It’s just that the Marquis was fearing of losing all his hair that he quickly surrendered, begging to stop the crow.
It seems that Marquis has been worrying about his scalp recently. Come to think of it, that man has a thick beard, but I felt his head was getting thinner recently.

“And so, what did you find out thanks to Blacky’s meritious deed? Uncle Fii?”
“Marquis Hattere is connected to Troyl.”

Speaking of Noah, Fii turned serious.

“Is Marquis related to that person?”
“Your intuition was correct. He’s a collaborator.”
“As I thought…!”


That person is, of course, my husband Anton. The two seemed to be too prepared for just eloping.
Elopement itself isn’t that rare. There are occasionally two people of different statuses who fall in love with each other who elope out of passion without care for their surroundings. However, they get brought back by their parents or return themselves most of the time.

That’s because those who grew up in a life of extravagance won’t be able to handle the simple life with the vigor they once had when leaving and return home on their own. Even with the awareness that the person they are escaping with doesn’t have a blessed living environment as they had, once they begin their new form of lifestyle together, they will start complaining and get dissatisfied with their partner.
And the love would cool down in no time… that’s the pattern.

However, I had a hunch Anton was too well prepared. Anton is supposed to be a man who knows only the life of a noble. He should be someone affected by the usual pattern and return home after living with his lover for a while, but I found it strange since his office after he was gone was too clean.

It’s common courtesy to clean up after yourself. It felt like a story from a novel, but his elopement with Anna seemed to be well-arranged beforehand. It would be impossible for the two to escape to Troyl with Father-in-law’s searching party coming right after them otherwise. Father-in-law and Fii suspected that there was someone opening the way to Troyl for them.

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