Chapter 56

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Fii has it difficult too.
I was shocked when I heard from my big sister Marlene, the Side Consort, that Marquis Hattere’s young lady spoke of “Elopement.” Moreover, that young lady knew of it even though everyone was under a gag order.
She spoke with a triumphant look on her face without caring for Noah’s feelings, so my big sister ended up showing her angry face. After that, she wondered why the daughter of Marquis Hattere knew, and consulted with His Majesty.

After hearing about it from her, I thought that Marquis Hattere might be connected to Troyl, so I consulted with Fii. At that time, Fii and Father-in-law were already suspicious of the Marquis.
However, Noah ended up encountering him, and was brought into his mansion. You can’t be sure what’s happening out there in the world. I am glad nothing happened to Noah. I don’t think I would be able to stay calm were something happen to him.

“What is the connection between Marquis Hattere and Troyl?”
“Marquis’ nanny’s husband was a person from Troyl, who was a close aide of the deceased Third Prince. He was raising money for the prince, so when the nanny’s husband was exposed to life-threatening danger, he sent his subordinates to protect him.”
“I see. So the reason the Marquis lent Anton a hand is because that person was Anton’s mother’s associate?”
“That seems to be the case.”

Fii frowned. That face made me recall the night of my birthday party. That day, Father-in-law and Mother-in-law came over to wish me a happy birthday. That night, I noticed Fii in the courtyard when I went to the bed, and I talked to him for a while.
At that time, I was told what I didn’t know about Anton’s mother. I know that Anton’s mother and Father-in-law were close. I’ve heard about it from the old servants, after all. However, as Anton grew up, his mother was in low spirits until the day of her passing.

“Is it possible that the Troyl spies had entered our country with Marquis Hattere’s assistance?”
“Your intuition is sharp. That’s about right.”

Fii made a tired face.

“There are quite a few people who don’t understand words. I’m tired…”
“Do you mean Marquis Hattere, by any chance?”
“Yeah. It’s good that he confessed, but he has no self-awareness that he was helping spies into our country. He firmly believed that he was simply lending a hand to the troubled Troylans.”
“That’s troublesome. Why don’t I punish him then?”
“That might be a good idea. Rather, don’t do that.”


Fii agreed, but quickly changed his mind and sighed.

“We won’t be able to question him if his spirit is gone.”
“I wouldn’t push him that far.”
“No, you were so scary earlier I thought you transformed into an evil spirit.”
“Is that so? I was just directing my hate towards the one who tried to make a move at Noah, though?”
“I think everyone in that place had classified you as someone that shouldn’t be ever angered, you know?”
“That much? No way, Noah too?”
“I would think so.”

Fii smiled wryly.

“But, it was nice to talk to you, Yuri. I feel refreshed about my depression of having to investigate Marquis Hattere further.”
“Then, should I accompany you to investigate?”

Fii refused me on this day, but when I was asked to show up at the place where Marquis Hattere was interrogated on a later date, Fii was missing, but Marquis Hattere who was dodging the questions of Fii’s subordinates spilled out everything with a blue face when our eyes met.

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