Chapter 53

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A person who shouldn’t be angered.
“Marquis Hattere. Just what were you trying to do to my Noah?”
“I was just offering him to take him to his father.”
“You did it quite dangerously for that. Why did you point a gun at him?”
“I was just trying to intimidate him.”
“Intimidate him? Aren’t you mistaking it for killing him?”

I was frightened by the words escaping from Mother’s mouth. “Absolutely not.” The Marquis denied. Mother quietly picked up the shoe she threw before.

“What did you say before? Do you think you can get off scot-free by treating me like this? Was it?”

Saying that, she scooped up the captured Marquis’ chin with the tip of her shoe, and looked into his face.

“What a coincidence. That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

The Marquis’ previous vigor was replaced by fear from Mother’s anger.

“Were you asked to do this by that woman?”
“… That woman?”
“Are you playing dumb? The woman who tricked by husband to leave for Troyl. She must be pulling strings behind the scenes, no?”
“You knew…?”
“Just a woman’s intuition. I won’t forgive her. Me aside, to think she would try to raise her hand against Noah? Just what is she trying to do?”

I was more terrified by Mother who was tapping the Marquis’ cheek with her shoe with a dark smile than the Marquis who pointed a gun at me. What is going to happen to the Marquis after this? I have no idea.

“Yuri, leave it at that.”
“It’s our job from here on out. You need not play the villain, it doesn’t suit you. Noah is shocked, you know? Take him back first.”
“Alright. I will leave the rest to you.”

Uncle Fii calmed down Mother and stopped her. The guard Killan also nodded at Uncle Fii. I’m glad Mother listened to Uncle Fii. The Marquis was making the face of someone whose soul escaped from his body. I learned from that face. Mother is someone who absolutely cannot be angered.
I’m glad Mother returned to her usual gentle self after she put on her shoe.

“Killan. Let’s return.”
“Understood, Madam. Let us return home, Young Master.”


As we were leaving the room with Killan, I heard Uncle Fii’s voice who seemed to be suppressing his anger.

“It seems we weren’t taken seriously either. I hope you didn’t forget who the head of the Garland family is.”

His voice was fully intimidating. I left the room looking at the Marquis who was so panicked by Uncle Fii’s words he couldn’t say anything back.


After we returned home, I decided to talk with Noah about everything.

“I thought you would be hurt if you knew the truth, so I couldn’t tell you anything. I’m sorry.”
“Mother. I’m so sorry for saying that I hate you.”
“It’s fine. I am at fault for doing something that caused you to dislike me.”

In Noah’s room, cleared out of people, I decided to tell him about what Anton told me first.

“You see, your Father asked me for a divorce.”

Noah listened to me talk without cutting in. I told him about the divorce Anton asked me for. I told him that I planned on telling him, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. That despite Anton telling me to pack up things up and leave the mansion, he ended up eloping with Anna.

“What do you think, Noah? Please tell me your honest thoughts. Can I keep being your Mother? If you dislike it, I will leave right away.”

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