Chapter 52

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Do you think you can get off scot-free by treating me like this?
“Father is in Troyl?”
“Your Father has become an emblem of our brethren.”

I don’t understand well what he means, but I can guess it’s nothing good. I feel that Marquis Hattere is part of something bad. I don’t recall Princess saying anything good about Troyl.

“Your Father wants to see you.”
“You are lying.”
“I’m not.”
“Why did he abandon me and Mother then?”
“He did not abandon you. He just wanted a new sphere of activity… no, he’s just trying to build his place in his new homeland. He was planning on coming to get you after settling down.”

Is that the truth? Up until now, Father treated his work with more care than me. I don’t know why he is in Troyl, but the Marquis is saying that he wanted to eventually come for me. I’m doubtful. He said Father was going to come and get me. What about Mother then?

“Is Mother not needed to Father?”
“Father has a faithful woman called Anna by his side. He has no need for a woman selected by His Majesty.”

Even though the Marquis was rude, but it’s a fact that the marriage between Father and Mother was a political one arranged by His Majesty. Hearing that Father has no need for someone like that made me very unhappy.

“I won’t be going then.”
“Noah. This might be your last chance to see your Father, you know?”
“Mother has no one else but me. She’s different from Father.”

I don’t need Father who doesn’t find Mother necessary. Something must be wrong in Father’s head. Would that Anna become my next “New Mother”? I would hate that.

“You would be troubling me if you didn’t come.”

Marquis seemed displeased. Having a bad feeling about it, I stood up from the sofa. Marquis Hattere then pulled out a revolver from his chest, and aimed it at me.

“I don’t really care if your body is not in perfect shape. How about I shoot your legs to stop you from moving?”

Marquis Hattere who chuckled while saying such was very scary. Although I was driven by the desire to run, I couldn’t.
And then, Blacky attacked the Marquis.


The startled Marquis shook off Blacky, slapping Blacky down to the floor while firing the gun. Just as Marquis pointed the gun at Noah again, the door got kicked open.


The moment I thought I heard Mother’s voice, a shoe landed onto Marquis’ face. The Marquis lost balance and Uncle Fionn commanded “Seize him!”, causing the familiar guards and royal guards surrounding the Marquis.
The royal guards held Marquis by the shoulders and pushed him down on his knees. Mother hugged me tightly, “I’m glad.” she said in a trembling voice.

“Noah, are you injured?”
“No, I’m all right. But, Blacky was…”
“Don’t worry about him. He just lost consciousness.”

I was worried about Blacky who helped me while I was in Mother’s tight embrace. Blacky wasn’t moving. I was worried that he might have been killed, but Uncle Fionn told me to not worry that he just lost consciousness.
Blacky was embraced by Uncle while the Marquis cursed.

“Do you think you can get off scot-free by treating me like this?”

Even though you are a lowly Countess, Mother reacted when he spat out these words. Unwrapping her arms from around me, she turned her head towards the Marquis like a demon.

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