Chapter 51

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mother and son.
“What is it? Blacky? You are being rude.”
“Caw, caw.”

Blacky poked Noah’s hand that held the fork.

“That hurts, Blacky. What is it? What’s the matter?”
“Caw, caw.”

Blacky seemed to be trying to convey something to Noah.

“What are you trying to say?”

Blacky cried out in frustration because I couldn’t understand him. Uncle said he was friends with Blacky. Just how does he communicate with Blacky?

“Do you want to eat too?”

When he forked a piece of the cake and held it in front of Blacky, he pushed it away with his beak. He seemed to be trying to tell him something. The plate in Noah’s hand lost balance and fell to the floor.

“Woah. I’m sorry.”
“No worries, I will prepare another one. Oy.”

The Marquis commanded a maid overbearingly. The maid briskly picked up the fallen cake and placed another slice on a plate in front of Noah. Blacky spread his wings on Noah’s lap and obstructed her.


“It’s pretty good.”

Marquis looked at Blacky.

“Manon. Go to your room.”
“Young Master Noah. Let’s go to my room.”

The Marquis stopped Noah who was prompted by Manon to stand up from the sofa.

“No, I have something else to talk to you about, Noah.”

Being stared at by her Father, Manon quietly withdrew from the room. The maids also left, leaving only the Marquis and Noah in the room. Blacky got on Noah’s shoulder.

“Your crow is quite an excellent pet. It seems to have noticed the sleeping drugs in the cake.”
“Why would you do something like that?”
“To let you meet up with your father.”
“You know where my father is?”
“Yes, I know. He’s an important ally to Troyl.”

Noah leaned forward to listen.

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