Chapter 50

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Secrets always leak from somewhere.
“This crow is not mine.”

As the opponent was watching Noah with interest, Manon spoke up.

“Father. I’ve done something rude to Young Master Noah. I misunderstood that he was attacked by the crow and unintentionally hit him while trying to help him.”
“What? That is terrible. Are you injured, Noah?”
“I’m fine.”
“There’s no way you are fine. I have ended up hitting you very hard. I hope you won’t have a bump from it…”
“Noah, come to our house. Our house is right over there. It would be better to cool it off.”

It was as Manon said, Noah could feel a throbbing pain in the part of the head she hit. He was pulled away from the city square against his will and taken to the mansion close by.

“Noah, can’t you do something about that crow? Can you get it off your shoulder?”

Is what he was told since he entered through the door. The maids welcoming their master and young lady back retreated after being startled by the crow standing on Noah’s shoulder. There weren’t just a few people who found crows frightening because of their appearances. It seemed to be a natural reaction to them.

Uncle Fionn said that Blacky is clever, but I don’t know whether he will listen to the commands of other people. But we might cause distress for everyone here because of that. I can only try.

“Blacky, come down.”

Caw, Blacky cried and got down from Noah’s shoulder.

“Oh my, how clever it is. It’s like it understood human speech.”

Only Manon admired innocently, the other adults including her father had wry smiles on their faces.

“Now then, Noah. Come this way. I’m sorry about my daughter. Someone, bring something to cool head with.”

Marquis Hattere urged him to the parlor while saying so. When Noah sat down on the sofa, Blacky who followed him on the ground stopped at his feet. Manon and her father sat opposite to him. There, a maid pushing a wagon with tea and sweets came in.

“Your Father must have caused you difficulties. Is your Mother fine?”
“Yes. She’s the same as always.”
“Is that so? I thought she would be pretty shocked after finding about the elopement.”
“Umm, how do you know of that, Lord Hattere? That is not something anyone should know about at this time, no?”

With how Marquis Hattere is looking at me, I realized that he somehow knew about Father and Anna. I find it strange that he knows about it. Since the Marquis knows, it isn’t strange for Manon to know about it too.

From the way Manon apologized, it seemed that she only admired the word “Elopement” and realized that it’s actually a bad thing at that place. She must have been shocked by the rage the usually gentle Side Consort displayed. Noah also felt scared by Side Consort at that time.

“Secrets always leak from somewhere.”

Marquis said without any signs of timidity. He pushed a cake in front of Noah to change the subject.

“How about eating this cake? Our family’s patissier is as skilled as any patissier in the palace, you won’t be able to taste anything this good again. Please, have a taste.”

On the plate was Noah’s favorite chiffon cake. A fluffy sponge with plenty of fresh cream.

Just as Noah tried to stick a fork in the cake, Blacky flew up on his lap.

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