Chapter 49

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Manon and her father.
“Pardon me. I thought you were being assaulted by the crow…”
“I’m telling you that I’m fine already. Owow…!”

The girl apologized over and over. The girl was Marquis Hetterre’s daughter, Manon. It was the young lady who brought up the elopement before Side Consort and told to never step into the palace ever again.
The reason she was frantically apologizing to Noah was because she misunderstood that Noah was attacked by Blacky since he tried to shake him off out of a startle, and hit Noah directly in the back of his head.
Blacky who was cawing on Noah’s left shoulder looked like it wasn’t his problem.

“You are so cruel, Blacky. Even though you are involved in this too.”

Blacky feigned ignorance as Noah complained that he was startled by his sudden appearance.

“Young Master Noah, is that crow yours?”
“It’s not mine, but my Uncle’s.”
“Is that so?”

Caw, caw, Blacky cried, shrugging its shoulder at Manon.

“I’m sorry for surprising you.”
“No, I apologize as well…”

They were at a fountain in the city square. Because many people took attention of them, they couldn’t stay there anymore.

“Why are you here, Young Lady Manon?”
“I have an appointment with my Father, but, umm… I happened to see you.”

Manon lowered her head.

“I’m sorry. I said something heartless without paying attention to your feelings at the tea party… I’m truly sorry.”
“Young Lady Manon. Stop it already. Everyone is watching.”
“Oh… I’m sorry.”

Manon might not be such a bad child. Her remark that day seem to be because of her personality that speaks first thinks second.
Noah’s situation attracted the public gazes, so after saying that it would be better if she didn’t talk about it here, a middle-aged man approached them.

“Manon, I made you wait.”

A man with a good build walked towards them. The man with features similar to Manon was a distinctive man with a beard growing on his chin.

“Who might this be?”
“It’s Young Master Noah, the son of Commander Garland. Young Master Noah, this is my Father.”
“So you are Commander Garland’s son, huh. You look very much like him.”

Manon’s father looked at Noah with interest. Noah felt very happy when people told him he resembled his father before, but he wasn’t that pleased this time.

“Are you keeping a crow, Young Master Noah? You seem to have some unusual hobby.”

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