Chapter 45

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s stress relief, isn’t it?
The dressing room was mainly indigo-colored with several full-length mirrors inside. Once Baron Baker guided us to this room, he deeply lowered his head.

“Madam, I am truly sorry about this incident.”
“Please raise your head. It’s not like this was your fault, Lord Baker. You have just chosen the wrong model.”
“I am truly sorry.”

Baron Baker remained with his head lowered. He was a modest gentleman. I could only say that he made a mistake. Baker Company’s dresses are the most popular products in the country. Even the wealthiest among the privileged class are able to wear them.
When a nobleman who has a mistress wants to curry favor with his wife, he buys her a dress from the Baker Company. You could say that Baker Company’s dresses are special.
Seeing a mistress like Anna wear one of these dresses must have lowered their value in the eyes of the wives who attended the evening party at that time.

“It was a disaster, wasn’t it?”

Baron Baker most likely didn’t expect the other wives to turn on him after letting Anna wear one of his company’s dresses. I found the depresses Baron pitiful.

“Madam, please feel free to look around if you’d like. If there’s anything you like, I will gift it to you.”
“Oh my. You don’t have to do that, right? Fionn.”
“Correct. If necessary, we will purchase it, Baron Baker.”
“But, that’s…”

Baron Baker wanted to give me a dress for free. He apparently wouldn’t be able to settle otherwise. However, I don’t wish for anything like that. Fii spoke up.

“My Sister-in-law seems very angry about the last time and she won’t feel satisfied until she spends my Brother salary on a dress. She’s intending to put his entire salary into a dress.”

Fii winked at me.


“Indeed. That person only paid attention to Anna. Isn’t he terrible? Nancy also told me that I should get even with my husband for this.”

What a good idea, right? Baker Baron could only sigh when I asked.

“That’s why please give me all the dresses you have here.”
“Oh my. Didn’t you hear? I want all the dresses in this dressing room. I will buy them all. My husband won’t have time for affairs then.”
“You have no mercy, Sister-in-law. Are you trying to let the resting brother of mine work?”

Fii matched my story. The baron doesn’t know that Anton eloped. He was surprised that I wanted to get even with Anton who was recuperating.

“It’s fine. He hurt me and my precious child. He deserves this much. Baron Baker, please deduct the money from his account.”
“Thank you very much, Madam.”

Baron Baker was about to cry. His face looked exactly like his son’s. Although I have money left from my dowry when I married, but there’s a limit to what I can spend. I came to shop big to relieve my stress.
Putting my feelings aside, I found Baron Baker who lost his customers more pitiful than me, so I killed two birds with one stone by shopping big. Later, this event was conveyed to the wives who criticized Baron Baker, and the Baker Company which had started declining regained its momentum again.

There seem to be many husbands in this world who disdain their wives. When the story about me, who went on a shopping spree because I was looked down upon by my husband who got entranced by a mistress spread, many wives who sympathized with my actions copied what I did. Somehow, the number of husbands who weren’t match for their wives increased.

Later, the smiley Baron Baker came over to thank me, and I never expected he would sent me clothes for Noah free of charge.

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