Chapter 44

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Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law.
I felt displeased when I heard about the evening party from Nancy, but I got refreshed after binge eating with Dora after, so I held no grudge against the Bakers. To consider me the main offender.
What a groundless charge. As I was shocked, Fii who coincidentally visited the mansion showed up at the parlor asking “What are you talking about?” with a puzzled expression.
“Baker Company’s evening party, huh. I always wanted to go there at least once.” He said, so Baron Baker’s son promised Fii to send him an invitation the next time.
Before I noticed, Fii and I decided to join Baron Baker’s evening party together.

I wore a marigold-colored dress decorated with golden ribbons and my ashen-colored hair was tied up with a large ribbon of the same gold color. Fii was wearing a silver-colored suit with a caramel-colored tie and a matching handkerchief. His bangs were combed down, and he seemed finer man than he usually is.
I think the Garland family’s maids did a good job. It made me feel like I was not inferior even when standing by such wonderful-looking Fii.

“Lady Yurika, who might this gentleman be?”
“He’s my husband’s younger brother, Fionn. He’s escorting me today in place of my husband tonight. Fionn, this is Baron Baker. His son worked under my husband in the Imperial Guards.”
“How do you do? I’m Fionn. Thank you for inviting us, the Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law.”
“So you are Lord Anton’s younger brother. It’s an honor to finally meet you. How is Lord Anton doing? I heard from the Imperial Guards that he’s recuperating?”

Because we usually call each other Fii and Yuri, it feels quite strange having to address each other as Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law.
When I introduced Baron Baker to Fii, they shook each other’s hand. Anton’s elopement is a secret, so even here, we have to lie that he’s resting.

“My Brother’s condition is the same as before. He seems to have gotten worn-out after being busy for so long.”
“Is that so? When he came here the last time…!”

Baron Baker spoke about the past when a shock appeared on his face. He seemed to speak about it unconsciously, so I could only smile wryly at him to smooth the confusion.


“Umm, Madam. If you’d like, how about taking a look on the newest dresses we have in the dressing room? I have prepared those just for you tonight.”
“I see. I wonder if I should take a look?”
“Isn’t that just fine? Sister-in-law? They are showing you goodwill, after all.”
“Please do so by all means. Lord Fionn, we have a cigar room here, please follow me there.”

Baron Baker seemed to want to talk in a different place. I could feel the gazes of the people in the hall gathering on me.

“I will politely decline. I am also Sister-in-law’s guard, so…”
“Oh my, how about you go? I wouldn’t mind.”
“I would, though.”

Baron Baker who was watching our exchange uttered “You two are good friends, aren’t you?”. “Yes, we are family, after all.” I replied simply, so he then guided us to the dressing room.

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