Chapter 43

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A misunderstanding.
“Lady Yurika, thank you for coming.”
“Thank you for the invitation, Baron Baker.”

I came with Fii to the evening party sponsored by Baron Baker, who was a longtime acquaintance with my husband. As soon as we stepped into the hall, Baron Baker noticed us and called out to me.
Baron Baker was a man in his forties of a medium-height. He was originally a merchant who married into nobility. I heard he was enthusiastic about his work and helped the Baker family to raise by leaps and bounds.

I heard that Baron Baker’s evening parties were glamorous and being invited is considered a very meaningful thing for the privileged class. Baker Company’s new dresses and suits set new trends, so all of the nobles pay attention to them. However, today’s evening party was quiet, unlike the last time I participated. There seemed to be a certain rumor floating around, causing the party hall to be quiet. I felt sorry for that.

For me, the Baker Company’s evening party hall is a place I came to dislike when I heard my husband accompanied Anna here.
There was no need for me to come, but a few days ago, I received an invitation from Baron Baker’s son who told me to “Please forgive him already” with tears in his eyes, moreover, Zail also told me “He’s a good fellow. Please spare him.”, so I wasn’t able to neglect his request.

I did not do anything directly, but Baron Baker seems to be getting beaten down as the organizer because of the night Anton attended the party with Anna.
Numerous people who attended the party that day apparently refused to associate with him again. Anna took care of Anton personally, so everyone was aware that she was the Garland family’s maid. Normally, there’s no way for a servant to be their master’s partner during an evening party. Only the spouse or someone special are able to be their partner.

There, Anton brought Anna as his partner. Moreover, their were pretty intimate, so everyone did not think well of them. On top of that, Anton let Anna wear a new dress, which caused a great deal of damage to the Baker Company’s reputation.


After Anton and Anna joined the evening party, the wives who fell in love with Baker’s new dresses all canceled their orders one after another.

With the reason of “I don’t want to wear the dress that woman wore.”

Although Anton who brought a mistress as his partner was at fault, Baker Company’s dressed didn’t sell at all just because of Anna.
The son who saw his father lamenting from the side went to consult with his superior, Zail. So Zail came to speak to me after taking the office where he discussed this with me, so I couldn’t decline anymore.

Moreover, Baron Baker’s son seemed to have misunderstood. My husband was showing up at the evening party with a mistress. He thought that I complained to the wives who were their company’s customers and they canceled their orders because they sympathized with me.

The moment I thought what was he apologizing for? The son of Baron Baker noticed from my attitude that he must have misunderstood and apologized to me again while rubbing his forehead against the ground.

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