Chapter 46

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Exposed to Noah.
The next day. I opened the boxes with the dresses from the Baker Company that were carried in one by one and let the maids pick their favorite. The maids were very pleased because they usually have to wear what their masters prepared for them.
I am very indebted to the maids, so I wanted to thank them. Baker Company’s dresses aren’t something they are able to purchase with their wages, so when I tell them to pick what they like, the maids exchanged glances and refrained.

At that moment, Dora asked “Can I have this one then?”, showing me a moss green dress in her hands. The other maids then followed after her, each timidly reaching their hands for the dresses.

“You are quite generous.”

Fii said in amazement. As of late, the number of Fii’s visits increased. Although he doesn’t stay for long, he shows up almost on a daily basis.

“No matter how shabby the Baker Company’s dresses are, you didn’t have to hand them all out to the maids.”
“It’s fine. Everyone is always taking care of me, so I wanted to thank them in some way.”

Having said that, I regretted it a little.

“Is it worth making you pull such a long face?”
“I feel much more refreshed, but if I was buying, I should have bought clothes for Noah…”
“I see. That’s very much like you.”
“Why are they not selling children’s clothes? I could have bought so many if they specialized in selling children’s clothing…”
“Selling adult clothes is mainstream these days, after all.”

There are no ready-made clothes for children in this country. Even the Garland family remakes adult-sized clothes for Noah to wear. It’s no problem since there are several maids who excel at sewing, but seeing the maids so happy about the Baker Company’s dresses, I felt that it would be nice if I could buy something for Noah too.

“If you are so concerned about it, why don’t you start it, Yuri?”
“…? Me? Children’s clothing?”
“I don’t think focusing on something is bad. There must be plenty of madams who think alike, no? How about you gather seamstresses and start a specialist store for children’s clothing?”
“No way. That’s impossible for me. I can’t do sewing whatsoever and I couldn’t operate a business.”
“You think so? Why don’t you use his retirement money to start a business?”
“Will there be any retirement money? After eloping with Anna? I can’t count on that person’s money.”
“I wonder. Won’t there be some? Why don’t you ask His Majesty through your older sister?”
“The hell. That’s irresponsible.”


I was disappointed by Fii’s statement. I find pushing others for your benefit irresponsible. While feeling displeased, I heard a soft noise by the door.

“Who is it?”

I did not clear the room out of people or anything, but I was worried about the person who seemed to be eavesdropping on us. When I moved to the door, I found Noah in a dumbfounded state. Seeing him like that, I knew the worst happened.

“Noah. Did you hear us just now?”
“Mother. Father eloped…?”
“Really? Did Father elope with Anna?”

Why? Noah was about to cry. When I tried to embrace him, he shook my hands off.

“Mother. Why did you not tell me about it?”
“Noah, I did not want to tell you the truth and hurt you.”
“You are awful. I hate you!”

Noah turned his back on me. I couldn’t reach the little back with my hand.

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