Chapter 47

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New mother.
Noah walked around totteringly. It was his first experience leaving the mansion on his own. Guards and maids would accompany him whenever he left before. He has been to the town several times before, so he thought he would be able to return by himself, but his legs couldn’t find the way no matter what.


The tip of his shoe hit a pebble just as he found it difficult to move. When he kicked it, it rolled down the cobblestone road. He said he hates her, but he lied. He loves his mother. But he told his beloved mother that he hates her.

——Mother. She was making a sorrowful face.

Mother came to the mansion three years ago. Father told me he was going to bring a new mother for me. She will take care of you in my place while I’m away at work, he said.
A new mother.

I was excited by his words and couldn’t sleep the night before. I knew what “New Mother” meant from the picture books the Head Maid Clara read to me.

It’s a person who is not my real mother. Father’s second wife. Stepmother.

In the world of picture books, “Stepmother” is often an unkind lady. Even if she treats you kindly at first, she would put all her love to the child she gave birth to herself and start treating the former wife’s child as an obstacle.
The new mother arrived. I was anxious. The butler Theo and Clara told me that she’s a kind person, but I couldn’t help but worry.
I hope she isn’t a bad person.

Noah prayed numerous times before falling asleep. Please, let my “New Mother” be a gentle lady.
And so, the mother that came did not disappoint. Rather than a kind and pretty mother, she was kind and cute big sister.

This person will be my mother?

I was very happy. This young and gentle person who can be described only as a big sister will be my mother. I was so happy I boasted about her to Uncle Fionn. I got to know Uncle Fionn at Grandfather’s wedding. Father said he doesn’t like him, but he’s a very friendly person so we immediately got along. Uncle Fionn also seemed to know that Father dislikes him, so he occasionally came to play with me in secret.

He stopped coming after a while. Does he not like me anymore? I started thinking. Theo told me that that Uncle Fionn left for work in a faraway country.
Work, huh. It can’t be helped then. Father also seldom returned home because of work.

My kind-hearted mother’s face occasionally got cloudy, but I thought it was because Father was busy at work. There was nothing to worry about. Even Uncle who left for work came to meet me frequently after he returned, so I thought Father would also return once he’s done.


When is Father going to finish his work? When will he come back?
I couldn’t ask Mother even though I had such thoughts. I felt she would be sad if I mentioned Father.

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