Chapter 29

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Please get even with Lord Anton.
“I heard she came with you from your parent’s house?”
“Yeah. I brought her along with me when I married.”
“She seemed to be strangely close with Lord Anton, so I didn’t think much of her. You have not shown up at Lord Baker’s evening party the last time, right? I heard you were absent because of Noah’s cold…”
“Lord Baker’s evening party? Something like that happened? I never heard of it.”

Baron Baker has a son that is part of the Imperial Guards. Baron Baker was originally a cotton merchant, who raised in rank as a dressmaker. Anton and Vice-Commander Zail were close with Mr. Baker’s son and were apparently invited to the evening party.
I have never heard about this evening party held by Baron Baker. While thinking what this was about, Nancy immediately told me.

“Anton has brought her as his partner on that evening party.”
“Moreover, the dress she was wearing was Baron Baker’s new line of products and she was the center of attention of all the ladies. When the ladies inquired who she was, she was introduced as Baron Baker’s foreign client and acquaintance, so I was sure he invited her as a model for his new products.”

Nancy was with her husband Zail, so she apparently inquired about me when she met Anton. He lied to her that I was with Noah who caught a cold and when she asked why he was accompanied by Anna, he told her that they were acquaintances.

“She was a shameless woman. She had her arm linked with Lord Anton as if she owned him, and she called him by his name in public.”

I can’t believe Lord Anton allowed that. Nancy frowned in displeasure as she recalled the past.

“I can’t believe he would bring a maid to a place like this instead of you, Lady Yurika. Are you sure she wasn’t his mistress?”


That was so rude to you, Nancy was angry for my sake. I, who was the involved party, listened to her talk as if it was another person’s problem. My heart was calm.
I was shocked at the time I learned of Anton’s cheating, but now that I didn’t have to rely on him, I only felt disgusted by his behavior.

“I guess so. It’s unavoidable for people to misunderstand him when he acts like that.”
“That’s right. Lady Yurika, please get even with Lord Anton once he gets better.”
“How would I go around doing that?”

A mischievous smile floated on Nancy’s face. She seemed to be having fun.

“Let’s see. How about going on a shopping spree? What about an eye-poppingly expensive gem, or perhaps a purse?”
“That sounds fun. It’s a strategy to keep my husband working off until the repayment is over, huh.”
“By all means, do that. Lady Yurika, it’s all right for you to punish Lord Anton.”

Nancy was a sympathetic person. Even though she wasn’t aware of the truth about Anton, she was worried about me.
I pretended to get on board with her idea while thinking that I wouldn’t be satisfied unless I got back at him. I might as well argue him into silence if possible. Before that, I would like to ask why he did something like this, though.

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