Chapter 30

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Uncle Fii. Push me more.”
“Hold on tight.”

A cheerful voice resounded around the forest. Noah wanted to go to the forest again, so we came to Count Garland’s forest again. It’s the forest Fii lives in. I felt awkward seeing him after the last time.
Even though I wanted to avoid him as much as possible, we came to the treehouse Fii lived in. While hesitating whether to go, Noah said “I will go alone then” but I couldn’t possibly allow that, so I went too. The maid accompanying us was Dora who helped me with cleaning the office, and a skilled veteran Killan was our guard.

So we happened to meet Fii, but his attitude didn’t change whatsoever. This left me confused. He was acting as if what he said the last time was just a lie. I couldn’t help but mind it.

I feel that I have been thinking of Fii more than of Anton, who disappeared on me.
Although I refused to listen to Fii, I couldn’t believe I felt annoyed that his attitude towards me didn’t change. It makes it seem like I care about Fii.
While I was worrying endlessly on my own, Fii and Noah were having fun together.

“Uncle Fii, what is this?”
“It’s a swing.”

There was a little change on the treehouse from before. It was a change you wouldn’t see if you weren’t paying attention. There was a plank on two ropes hanging from the treehouse. I remember it. It’s one of the equipment Fii made when we were young. I have memory playing on it with older brothers and kids from the fief.
Dora and the guard Killan stared in wonder. Killan gazed at the treehouse and uttered “Brilliant.”

“A swing?”

Noah tilted his head.


“You don’t know what a swing is, Noah? Would you like to play with it?”
“How do you play with it? Uncle, tell me.”
“You play on a swing like this.”

Fii sat down on the swing first to show how it’s done. When Fii started swinging, Noah went “I want to do it too!” in great interest.

Fii stopped the swing and taught Noah how to swing. Dora, who saw that tried to stop him since it looked dangerous, but I stopped her.

“You sit on top of the board and you rock back and forth like a pendulum. You stretch your legs when going forward and you bend your legs when going back.”
“Like this?”
“Yeah, yeah. That allows you to swing as much as you want.”
“Whoah. It moves!”
“How is it? Scary?”
“No. It’s not scary at all. It’s fun~”

Fii pushed Noah’s back from behind. Noah was giggling as Fii continued pushing him. Fii is very caring. He will surely be a good father to his kids.

Dora felt that the swing was dangerous at first, but seeing the two playing so enjoyably, she got interested in the equipment as she watched them over with a smile.

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