Chapter 28

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What was Anna’s purpose?
Nancy was holding the “Meeting of the Imperial Guards’ wives” several times a year, and invited me to interact with the other wives of the Imperial Guards. I was able to become closer to everyone thanks to her, and there were many wives who brought their children with them, so Noah was able to make friends too.

“Madam Yurika. Everything’s ready.”
“Thank you, Dora.”

When Dora returned to my side after arranging a carriage, Nancy muttered.

“Oh my. It’s not the usual maid?”
“Lady Nancy? Are you talking perhaps about Anna?”
“Yes, that’s her.”
“Anna has resigned. She had circumstances at home.”
“Is that so…”

Because of my Father-in-law’s gag order, the servants of the mansion and me were supposed to tell that Anton is resting at home and that Anna resigned because of her family circumstances.
Nancy seemed glad that Anna wasn’t here, so when I asked if there was something wrong, she told the maids to wait outside, brought me into the office and closed the door behind us.

“I am glad she was sent away.”
“Lady Nancy?”

Nancy, who rarely spoke ill of someone, looked uncomfortable.


“Actually, I was planning on warning you, Lady Yurika. There doesn’t seem to be the need to anymore, though. That maid has approached the prince and princess carelessly and she seemed to be trying to obtain some information from them. I’ve walked on her in the act, so I thought of telling you to be cautious.”

Anna was a maid that took care of Anton’s belongings in the palace. She was not only the maid serving the Commander of the Imperial Guards, but also a servant of the Count family. Even with that kind of status, she isn’t someone whom the Imperial children would talk to from their own initiative. Since it’s rude for someone of lower status to speak to someone of a higher status without being addressed first, she would be considered as rude when she addressed the prince on her own.
I was surprised to hear that.

“What was Anna trying to hear from the Prince and Princess?”
“I heard her asking about a lady from Duke Manela’s household.”
“Duke Manela?”

Duke Manela is the former Emperor’s imperial younger brother. In other words, he’s His Majesty’s uncle. It’s said that the country’s most beautiful girl lives in their household. Why would Anna ask about her?

“She was speaking to the Prince so nonchalantly, so I was quite dumbfounded.”
“Forgive me, it was my negligence in teaching her.”

Hearing Nancy tell me that Anna was inquiring about Duke Manela’s lady, I had a bad feeling. Father-in-law told me that Anna was a spy sent from Troyl, but he didn’t know her purpose. But according to Nancy, she has been investigating about the Imperial Uncle’s daughter.

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